Locals Beat Leopard to Death in Ayubia After Attack on Man [Videos]

Post contains graphic videos. Viewer discretion is advised.

As we further encroach into woodlands, nature pushes back. A man was attacked and injured by a leopard in Ayubia. Locals rushed to the scene to help the man caught in the leopard attack and killed the big cat.

The wild cat was beaten to death by locals. In one of the videos captured by people on the scene, the leopard is seen attacking the man as he fights back. The predator latched on to the man’s arm and wouldn’t let go. The leopard attempts to get its jaws around the man’s neck.


A Leopard Enters Abbottabad Village, What Happened Next Was Gruesome

Locals intervened to rescue the man. Apparently, they beat the animal to death.

Trigger Warning: The following videos are graphic and disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Just two months ago, a leopard attack was reported in Pawa Sayal, a small village in Abbottabad. Roaming into civilian territory the wild cat attacked and injured a man before being killed by a mob.

Back in July, 2018 a leopard had attacked two teenagers wandering past the Muree forest. Both boys were badly injured and had to be moved to a hospital. Luckily they both survived.


Deforestation and Leopard Attack

As more of the woodlands are either encroached upon for commercial building, the natural habitat of wildlife in Ayubia is falling short.

Despite efforts at conservation with designating an area for Ayubia National Park, it doesn’t stop people from cutting down more of the forest for firewood and timber.

The area is home to many endangered species like the Asian leopard, black bear, and Musk deer.


Snow Leopard Hunted Down By Locals in Swat [Pictures]

According to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Pakistan, priority species like the common leopard are also threatened by climate change in Ayubia National Park.

Habitat degradation due to all these reasons have caused many leopard attacks. These big cats are solitary animals and avoid other wildlife let alone people. Yet as their habitat is lost they move to areas with more food. Human settlements with livestock make them an obvious target.

Then there is also the issue of humans wandering further in the forest, and landing in the predator’s territory.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. It is shameful. Facts are twisted in the story. I have the full video. Over a dozen of villagers had trapped the leopard in a cliff with the help of dogs and pelting stones.
    A man throws a rope and the leopard holds it. This man comes from behind and start beating the leopard.
    After several blows the helpless leopard attacks back in retaliation and they both fall from the cliff both receiving injuries. Sometimes later the leopard regains consciousness and attacks the man again. Then people beat the beast with axes and batons and kill it.

    It is shameful and wildlife agencies should take notice

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