Losing It Completely: Ex-Indian Army General Sinha Calls for Rape in Kashmir

A shameless war criminal exposes his mindset.

General Sinha

Retired Indian Army Major General Sinha has called for rape of Kashmiri women, on live television. Just when you think their bigotry has reached its limit, turns out there’s always someone who makes you question humanity.

Recently, the ex-General SP Sinha was part of a live television program. During the program, despite pleas from the anchor and everyone else to keep his ‘rape advocacy’ to himself, he began shouting ‘rape for rape’ at the top of his lungs.


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A video clip of the TV program went viral Sunday night. Netizens could not grasp how ex-General Sinha could blatantly call for rape of Kashmiri women.



Netizens are even calling this the true face of India.




So no stripping his medals is not enough when General Sinha is a part of the government. This man is a policy-maker in India. His policy for women and Kashmir is clear.


Then, of course, there were the apologists looking to blame it on anything but the prevalent mindset.



At this point, it’s not even surprising how the crowd supported General Sinha’s stance. They’ve done it all before.




According to 1996 Human Rights Watch report, India uses rape as a “counter-insurgency tactic” in Indian Occupied Kashmir to terrorize the populace.

The ex-military man has a history of using rape as a ‘strategy. Back in 1991, the then Brigadier Sinha assembled Sikh villagers in a locality, calling for ‘creating a new breed for Punjab’ when the Indian military was crushing the Sikh movement in Punjab

“If any action occurs in this village, every single male is going to be taken out and shot. Then we’re are going to take all the women to our camp and there we’re going to create a new breed for Punjab.”


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Ex-General Sinha is no ordinary war criminal, he has a knack for sexual violence against women. Then again with the Hindutva movement’s open prejudice towards women, this is no surprise. Particularly the Bhartiya Janata Party is known for inviting trolls involved in cyber crimes against women to their social media forums.



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  1. I don’t think it’s surprising. Some time back s BJP Member Parliament, a lady, also suggested to exhume bodies of Kashmiri women and rape them. I guess rape is used as a tool of vengeance in Rapestan.

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