LUMS Under Fire For Not Taking Action Against Professor over Sexual Harassment

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The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has been in the news for many reasons lately. Recently, certain LUMS students came forward with details about a member of the teaching faculty indulging in sexual harassment. Understandably, it has sparked off a debate about what universities are doing about a serious issue.

Ever since a sexist LUMS Facebook group was exposed a few months ago, things haven’t really changed for the better. How the university dealt with a recent sexual harassment case is even more problematic.

As per available details shared by students on social media, LUMS administration failed to prosecute Dr. Hayder Al-Mohammed for sexual harassment in time. Due to delays, the accused faculty member wasn’t investigated properly, leaving him time to leave the institution for good.

Here are the details regarding the harasser that were shared by a LUMS student on social media. It details the abuse students had to face at the hand of Dr Hayder.

This incident highlights once again why it’s so important to know about the ‘Protection Against Harassment of Women in the Workplace Act 2010‘.


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Justice delayed

The law clearly states that regardless of someone leaving an institution, or having not been a member of the institution, legally the Inquiry Committee can and must pursue the case. Going by the letter of the law, LUMS may have mishandled this particular sexual harassment case.

As shared in the tweet above, a student came forth on the LUMS Discussion Forum Facebook group, stating that the Inquiry Committee spoke to the complainants 26 days after they filed a complain just to tell them that Dr. Hayder had skipped town.

“The Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee met with us 26 days after we filed the complaint because they couldn’t trace him. The case could not be taken forward.”

Despite all the physical evidence, the case was not pursued and the harasser walks around scot-free.

The student also pointed out how the confidentiality clause of the anti-sexual harassment law could be problematic.

“Even if Dr. Hayder had been found guilty, when a future employer of his calls LUMS for clearance, LUMS would not tell them about the case against him because of the confidentiality policy.”

The confidentiality policy is a key part of how Pakistan’s anti-sexual harassment law is culturally sensitive. The clause is there to protect the identity of the victims, not the harasser.


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Despite LUMS’ silence on the issue, people are lauding the student for having the courage to go public.


Has LUMS handled this case with the care and attention it deserves? Let us know in the comments below.

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