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Meera Jee Requests For A Video To Be Deleted, It Goes Viral Instead

Error 101; No humor found in trolls.

Meera Jee, the very famous movie actress, has been trolled for her English for over a decade.

It all started in 2009 when her video of interviewing a guest on her show went viral. In case the millennials don’t remember; here’s that video:

Unfortunately, it seems like the media has not left her and her English speaking skills alone.

Recently, in an effort to compliment her fellow actress Resham on LUX style awards, she made a few errors. Some believe that it’s because of those errors that she ended her statement with, “yeh (clip) delete kardijie ga” (Delete this clip).

Let’s take a look:


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Calling Resham a stylish queen, she started to stutter to find the right words to complete her sentence.

The ‘gora’ complex is very real in Pakistan and is evident at times when a celebrity is made fun of over their accent and or grammar.

Nothing Meera said was out of line or said in a negative light. Maybe everyone needs to give her a break, just like we give people all around the world a break when they can’t form a sentence in English; given it is not their first language.


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These queens have seen times where celebrity rivalry and the competition was fierce. Nobody was your friend, and no other actress would pay you a compliment. Meera, Resham, and Reema in particular always had some tussle going on. So, it is heartwarming to see that they have started to spread love and compliments to each other.

Meera Jee’s English should not be anyone’s concern, as long as it is not damaging anyone else. Nobody should be embarrassed about their conversations because of the fact that the English language is not their strongest suit.

The Pakistani cricket team has faced the same trolling throughout ages; IT IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! Let us know what you think!

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Mockery is made not of her bad English, as you are right it’s not her first language, but only because she still insists on using it when speaking in urdu will more than suffice. Simple.

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