Meray Pass Tum Ho’s Last Episode Reveals Its Running Time

We know its a double episode, but how long will it run for?

Meray Pass Tum Ho

The last episode of the most trending drama of 2019 is just around the corner. We are talking about Meray Pass Tum Ho, which has broken a lot of records in Pakistani television industry.

As we reported earlier, its finale will premiere in cinemas all across the country on 25th January. Fans of the drama are excited about this news and they are pouring out their emotions on social media.

The advance bookings of the serial opened yesterday and shows are getting sold out 9 days before the release.

Meray Pass Tum Ho has been reshaping the history of Pakistani entertainment industry. It has not only broke the records of the most popular TV shows but is constantly battling against its own TRPs. The second last episode of the drama earned a whopping 26.2 TRP which is insane.

And with an amazing response from the public, it looks like it will set a new record for the cinemas too.



Here’s Why ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ Wont Be Airing Its Last Episode

Heading to our latest update, we are here to bring you some more details about the ‘mega double episode’ of Meray Pass Tum Ho. However, this time, we will reveal the runtime of the last episode for cinemas. *drum rolls*

According to our sources, the last episode of the serial will be 90 minutes long, which means 30 more minutes added to the standard runtime of the drama. This is indeed great news for all the viewers out there as they will be able to see all plot threads wrapped up.

The ninety minutes runtime will prove beneficial for exhibitors and distributors as well. They can also play shows at the 10 pm slot, which will increase the number of shows. *House full!*

Are you going to watch this iconic show in cinemas? If you still haven’t booked your tickets then head to your nearest Cinepax/ Nueplex and book your seats now.


If you have anything you would like to share regarding Meray Pass Tum Ho, let us know in the comments below.


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