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Mika Singh Gets Banned in India After Performing at Pervez Musharraf Relative’s Wedding

His visit proved very controversial in Pakistan and India.


Just few days after Pakistan banned every sort of Indian content on national TV channels and cinemas across the country, renowned Bollywood singer Amrik Singh (popularly known as Mika Singh) was invited to perform at a wedding in Karachi.

As per the available details, Mika Singh was hired by a wealthy cousin of former President General Pervez Musharraf (retd.) to perform at his daughter’s wedding.

A source also states that Mika was invited following the demand of the groom. And that his demand was fulfilled without any long delays.


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Mika Singh Granted Pakistani Visa for Performance

According to a local media outlet, Mika Singh was granted a 30 days visa by the Pakistani High Commission in India for three cities – Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Moreover, the famous celebrity was also paid a whopping amount of PKR 24,043,500, with first class tickets for him and his 14-member crew.

Despite the visit being kept under wraps, videos of his performance got leaked on the internet.

Social Media Is Outraged

That escalated quickly and received severe backlash across the social networking sites.

Here’s one such video:

The netizens expressed their anger at the government for adopting dual standards. They argued that despite making tall claims of cutting cultural ties with India, why did they grant visa to an Indian celebrity and his crew.

Furthermore, Twitterati also expressed their solidarity with Kashmir and slammed government for its decision.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

The Other Side of the Story

According to available reports, Mika Singh and his crew were granted visas on 29th July 2019, a week before India’s decision of scrapping Article 370. The move strips Kashmir of its special status as a disputed territory among other things. It was a move that no one could have seen coming.

However, Pakistan already had a Bollywood ban in place ever since the Balakot airstrikes happened. The government just went one step further this time by cutting all manner of cultural ties with its eastern neighbor.


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We believe that art should have no borders. However, exceptions should be made when issues like genocide and war crimes come into the mix. The Kashmiris have faced unimaginable repression under the Indian Army for quite some time, and now their land is also under threat from outside buyers.

This being an extraordinary situation, perhaps the wise thing could have been to scrap Mika’s visit altogether? Perhaps the private citizens who invited Mika and co. to perform, could have appealed to their conscience and forbid him from performing at the last minute?

Mika Singh Slapped With a Ban in Home Country

It seems that Mika is now facing issues in India as well. The All India Cine Workers Association has banned him and forbid the Indian film industry for working with him.

According to the statement released by the AICWA,

If anyone in India wants to work with Mika Singh, he/she will have to face the legal consequences. According to AICWA, Mika Singh has put money before the nation at a time when both countries are facing the worst tension. AICWA has boycotted Mika Singh’s association with all film production houses, music companies, and online music content providers.

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  1. Shame on India for banning mika. Is this democracy? No freedom for anyone? Shame shame. The world leaders should take note of this.

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