Firdous Jamal Thinks Mahira Khan Is ‘Too Old To Play A Heroine’

Everybody has an opinion.

Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal

Industry veteran Firdous Jamal made some uncalled-for remarks towards Mahira Khan. While the Superstar actress didn’t respond, the rest of the entertainment industry did.

Here’s what he said on a TV show recently:

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal made the controversial remarks on Faisal Qureshi’s morning show. In Firdous Jamal’s opinion, Mahira Khan isn’t that great an actress. When he suggested that Mahira Khan is too old to be playing lead roles, that really irked people.

“She’s not heroine material, she’s more of a mediocre sort of a model. She’s too old to be a heroine and ought to be doing motherly roles.”


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Clapping Back at Firdous Jamal

Firdous Jamal’s comments about Mahira Khan really stirred a storm in the biz. Marwa Hocane was one of the first to voice her dismay.

The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 actress slammed Firdous Jamal’s comments as a publicity stunt.

While most people are irked by Firdous Jamal’s opinion of Mahira Khan’s acting, let’s not forget he’s entitled to an opinion. The ageist remark is what should be the center of the debate.

Osman Khalid Butt says

Why are we still an industry where a woman’s career must end at 30, while men can play leads well into their 60s? That’s a question even Mahira Khan’s Bin Roye co-star Humayun Saeed is asking.

Firdous Jamal did have nice things to say about Mehwish Hayat. He said that she’s the only ‘genuine film actress‘ right now.

“Currently the only genuine film actress,….She has all the qualities to be the perfect film actress.”


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