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Monopoly Gets Game of Thrones Themed Version This Holiday

Conquer Westeros, one location at a time.

It’s holiday season in some parts of the world, and Shaadi season if you live in these part of the woods. That means you, your family, cousins and friends all together for some quality bonding time. So bring on the bored games…. I mean board games.

At times like these we bring out all the old board games that had formerly been collecting dust in the store room. While we know we only play these games once a year, we continue to spend more money on buying new ones. Whether its’ because we lost the dice for Luddo again, or whether the Chess set is missing a king, or we can’t find the scrabble board (not that we miss it).

Similarly we also shell out on buying new editions on old, old games like Trivial Pursuit, Maj or Monopoly. Most of the times these flankers are just rip offs, but maybe the new Game of Thrones version of Monopoly isn’t. Why is that so, because the Game of Thrones version of plays the theme song while you play to take on Westeros.

Image Source: Hasbro

Not only does the game now bring the battles to the board but it also has an Iron Throne card holder. Basically its the throne card holder that plays the theme song.

Even the Monopoly money has been replaced with Gold Dragons and Silver Stags. Too good to be true right?

Only for Adults

Well it does have a catch – the game is for ages 18+. Yes a board game that is rated R! That’s because the television series was also rated R and we think the game makers went with that.

Currently you can’t find the game on the shelves of local stores. But wait a bit and you might be able to order it via AliExpress. Or some local entrepreneur might creative. If you’ve got folks coming in from abroad, then you can pre-order this online at select major retailers.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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