This Pakistani Rapper Looks Like Khal Drogo From Game of Thrones

Well he’s pretty close to Jason Momoa alright.

Pakistani Khal Drogo

People have discovered a Khal Drogo look-alike and the best part is that he’s Pakistani.

Pakistani-American rapper Osama Com Laude’s similarity to actor Jason Momoa has brewed up a storm on social media.

He’s a real life Khal Drogo

That isn’t even the key attraction. The rapper looks most like Momoa’s Game of Thrones avatar Khal Drogo. Instagram certainly thinks so.


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When someone commented ‘Desi Drogo, I’m in love’. A desi guy was quick to respond ‘What about desi Guys now?’


Besides being called Pakistani Jason Momoa and Desi Drogo, some people thought he could pass as the real deal.

“The person who I thought was the actual Khal Drogo aka Jason, was actually you! The resemblance is unbelievable! You look great,”

“Khal Drogo doppelgänger,”



Osama Com Laude, whose real name is Syed Osama Karamat Ali Shah has become quite a celebrity.

Some fans are doing more than just ask where his Khaleesi is (in case you don’t know, Khaleesi is Drogo’s wife in GOT).

“Can I be your Khaleesi?”

Of course there were those that think he doesn’t look like Drogo. They compared him to Momoa’s DC character Aquaman instead.


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