Game of Thrones Trailer Reveals When Season 8 Begins


HBO has released the trailer for the much anticipated Season Eight of Game of Thrones. Fans of the series now know exactly when the endgame for the mega-popular series will begin – April, 2019.

The trailer doesn’t give away much. In fact, it features a montage of the events, character moments, and epic battles for the throne that have shocked and kept fans glued to their seats over the course of seven seasons.

For the millions of fans of the epic fantasy series, now the waiting game begins. 2019 certainly seems like an eternity away.

HBO also shared a number of images on the Season’s twitter account along with the trailer.

Game of Thrones: A Cultural Phenomenon

Game of Thrones (GoT) swept away fans when it was released back in 2011. Based on the best-selling books A Song of Fire & Ice by George R. R. Martin, the television version has become its own thing by now.

It is considered as the most expensive production in the history of television, with epic battles, CGI dragons and elaborate sets followed by some stellar performances by Hollywood A-listers. GoT has bagged not only the most nominations for a television season but also won in all of the categories it was nominated for.

Game of Thrones also had the most number of Emmy nominations every when it was nominated in 23 categories for the 68th Emmy awards.

In September HBO released the teaser for the final season Game of Thrones but that was as much a spoiler as the trailer. While fans may be saying goodbye to their beloved cast but this is not the last we’ll being seeing of Westeros and the political sphere surrounding the Seven Kingdoms as a spin-off series is already in the pipeline. There have been rumors that there may be more than one spin-off but HBO shot them down.

Currently the franchise has 30 million followers in the United States (with many more fans from other countries as well).

The network only revealed that the spin-off will serve as a prequel to the Game of Thrones saga we witnessed over the course of seven (and now soon-to-be eight) seasons.

Now that we know when and where the final season will debut, we still have no clue as to who will be cast in the prequel. Only Naomi Watts (King Kong) has been confirmed to star so far.

Image and Video Credits – Game of Thrones Official Twitter

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