Naimal Shares Hamza’s Guitar Version of the National Anthem [Video]

Fans are loving this performance.


Hamza and his wife, Naimal Khawar, have been the talk of the town as the one of most adorable couples on social media. From their simple marriage ceremony to their honeymoon, the couple continues to grow in popularity.

Melting Hearts With a Guitar

A painter by profession, Mrs. Hamza Ali Abbasi was working on a piece, when she noticed her husband playing sweet rendition of our national anthem. After all, Hamza is a true patriot at heart.

Naimal recorded a series of videos for her Instagram which revealed her husband playing the guitar. It seems like Hamza is not just an actor, but a fine musician as well!

Check it out:



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Hamza Has a Knack For Music

The video quickly went viral as the fans simply loved the actor’s romanticized take of our national anthem.

Hamza has been playing the guitar for some time now and it seems he is getting pretty good at it too! Hamza as a musician would definitely be a dream come true for many of his fans.

For now, we hope to see the actor bust out a romantic tune for his loving wife.

Social Media’s Favourite Couple

Hamza and Naimal continue to win the hearts and adoration of their fans. People are going gaga over the two’s love for one another and how they are setting the perfect example of a good couple.


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