Netizens Poke Fun at Hira Mani For ‘Photoshopping’ Her Waist

Apparently, the ‘Kashf’ star can warp reality.

Netizens troll actress and model Hira Mani for photoshopping. In a recent post, fans noticed excessive editing done on the Do Bol star, which led to some hilarious comments on social media.

hira mani

There are few actresses who started their careers after marriage and have remained relevant. The multi-talented Hira Mani is a rare talent. The beautiful Do Bol actress is one of the biggest stars of the showbiz industry. Hira has won the hearts of fans nationwide with brilliant performances. Fans loved the actress’ performance in drama serials like Kashf and the blockbuster serial Mere Pass Tum Ho.

hira mani

Aside from her acting and singing skills, Hira is a bit of a ‘trendsetter’. From mesmerizing fans in gorgeous bridal wear to experimenting with saree, Hira Mani’s style is always on point. Fans are used to seeing the Sawaari starlet in desi traditional outfits, but every now and then, Hira turns on the charm in Western wear. Be it casual wear or glamorous dresses, Hira can pull off any look.

hira mani

However, one very observant netizen has found out Hira Mani’s secret. She has superpowers! That’s right, Kashf can warp reality and bend objects! Check it out

hira mani

Netizens were not kind to the actress, taking to the comments to troll Hira Mani for using photoshop. Here are some hilarious reactions online.

It has become a common culture for celebrities to photoshop their pictures and give fans a perception of unattainable beauty standards. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.



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  1. Jealous troller😁😁😁😁😁
    She is pretty n slim too mashahallah
    Khud nhe bun skty aisa to dosro sy q jalty ho bhayeeeee

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