Nida Yasir Apologizes For Her Insensitive Segment with Marwah’s Parents [Video]

Here’s what she said.

Pakistani celebrity and morning show host, Nida Yasir has come forward to publicly apologize and clarify her reasons for inviting the parents of 5-year-old Marwah who was brutally raped and murdered recently.

Her video came in response to the immense backlash received by the Good Morning Pakistan host for the insensitive question segment with the grieving parents.

Nida Yasir is no stranger to controversy. The popular showbiz figure’s morning show has often received mixed reviews due to shameless attempts at cashing in on every trending topic or issue happening in the country. However, this time Good Morning Pakistan went a bit too far to “raise awareness” on a very sensitive and tragic incident. A 5-year-old girl was brutally raped and murdered by her neighbor.


What Was Nida Yasir Thinking By Inviting Marwah’s Parents on Her Show? [Video]

While the public was extremely outraged and demanded justice for Marwah, ARY Digital decided to do its part in highlighting this horrible crime. The network invited Marwah’s parents to Good Morning Pakistan where Nida encouraged them to ‘recap’ the horrors they experienced as well as ask them some extremely insensitive questions.

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The Good Morning Pakistan host got intense backlash on social media as people demanded that Nida Yasir’s show get banned. In response to public outrage against her, Nida has decided to clarify her intentions for bringing Marwah’s family on the show.

She posted a four-minute-long video on her Instagram. Here’s what she said:

She started by apologizing to everyone and asking for forgiveness as she did not mean to hurt public sentiments. Nida explained that her intentions were not to cash in on a family’s tragedy but to provide them with a platform so their voice could be heard by the authorities.

She also defended her show format, saying that the content is mainly cheerful and entertaining as her intentions are to put a smile on her audience’s face.

Lastly, Nida said that her show’s TRPs are derived from happy, cheerful content and there is no way she did this segment for the sake of ratings.

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