Zainab Alert Bill Becomes Law [Video]

Now its up to the authorities to protect our daughters.

Asad Umar - Zainab Alert Bill

Years after the Zainab rape and murder case shook the nation, there was much soul-searching about why Pakistan has failed its children. Today, the Zainab Alert Bill has finally been integrated into formal legislation. This law wants to ensure that we never get to see a case like Zainab and Marwah again. Sexual harassment against children has been outlawed.

Special Advisor to the Prime Minister (SAPM), Asad Umar shared the news on Twitter.

Asad Umar tweeted that Zainab’s father was the first to be informed as this landmark law was passed. The heartbroken father was assured that this law would be properly implemented in order to protect everyone’s little girls.

“Zainab Amin, in whose name I introduced the ‘Zainab Alert Bill’ in the (National) Assembly, has become law today, … Her father was assured that all steps would be taken to fully enforce the Zainab Alert Act to protect the daughters of the nation.”


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Amin Ansari, Zainab’s father gave the SAPM a book titled ‘Ghum-e-Zainab‘ (the Sorrow of Zainab).

“Her father presented me a new book Ghum-e-Zainab today.”

The book essays the heartbreak Amin Ansari experienced due to the loss of his daughter to such a violent crime. He also discusses the rampant incidents of violence against women, the presence of child pornography rings in Pakistan, and various issues.

In an interview with a television channel, Amin Ansari suggested creating a DNA database of all offenders and suspects to make crime-solving more efficient and faster in the future. His stance on capital punishment for such crimes still stands.

Meanwhile, an app has also been introduced to help find missing children.

What are netizens saying about the Zainab Alert bill?

While this is a positive step towards the protection of female citizens of the state, netizens pointed out Pakistan still has a long way to go. Plenty of criminal activity is still socially swept under the rug.


With the recent cases involving Marwah, and another little girl Saira, the authorities need to get their act together.


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Not to mention the Motorway rape case and how the police resorted to victim-shaming.


Do you think this legislation will successfully reduce the rise in incidents of rape in Pakistan? What do you think the criminal justice system needs to improve to overcome this issue?


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