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Novelist Munir Ahmad Badini Wins Prestigious Literary Award

The respected Pakistani writer is rewarded for his lifetime services.

Munir Ahmad Badini

Renowned novelist Munir Ahmad Badini from Baluchistan has been nominated for the prestigious Kamal-e-Fun Award of the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL), which is among the highest literary awards of the country.

On Monday, the award was announced by the PAL Chairman Dr. Yousuf Khushk during a news conference following an online meeting of the academy’s committee.

According to Dr. Khushk, a panel of judges of renowned writers and scholars like Masood Ashar, Professor Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Noorul Huda Shah, Prof Dr. Rauf Parekh, Qazi Javed, Dr. Nasrullah Nasir, Ayub Baloch, Noor Muhammad Hasni, Dr. Salma Shaheen, Nasir Ali Syed, Hasan Hasrat and Haris Khalique decided to award Badini with the Rs. 1 million worth Kamal-e-Fun Award.

The award is in recognition of his lifetime of service towards literature in our country.


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About Munir Ahmad Badini

Born in 1953 to the Badini sub clan of a Baluch tribe in Nushki district, Munir Ahmad Badini is a highly respected novelist. This is not the first time, he has won a prestigious reward as Badini was even given the President’s Award for Pride of Performance as a notable writer.

Other popular writers were also awarded by PAL. Dr. Khushk added that the panel of judges awarded the Saadat Hasan Manto Award (Creative Literature) for Urdu prose to Hasan Manzar’s book “Jhijak”, and the Baba-i-Urdu Molvi Abdul Haq Award (Criticism and Research) was given to Dr. Tahseen Firaqui for his book “Nikat”. Who is your favorite novelist or writer from Pakistan that deserves recognition? Share your answers in the comments below.


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