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Paulo Coelho Wants You to Donate Books to Balochistan!

New libraries are being built in the province.

Paulo Coelho

Balochistan born Siraj Sheikh is the first person from Wadh, Balochistan to complete his graduate degree. After becoming an engineer from the University of Khuzdar, he returned to his home town. But alas, Sheikh was disappointed to find out that there are no libraries in his town.

Since the lockdown, Sheikh and his friends took the initiative of building libraries across Balochistan. Their first step was to look for a place:

We had been looking for a place to build a library but couldn’t find one after which we wrote to the district government asking for help.



The next step was to get donations and books for the libraries.



Sikander Bizenjo, founder of activist group Balochistan Youth Against Corona, helped them gain more traction. But what they mostly focused on was what the students of the area are interested in. Bizenjo said:

When we spoke to the youth there about the books they needed, we received the names of authors such as Elif Shafak and Paulo Coelho.

Soon enough, many started contributing to their cause. Either by donating money and books or by doing the labor work for the libraries.

However, what happened next, was unbelievable. World-famous author Paulo Coelho got to know about their efforts, and his appeal to help this little library really couldn’t have come at a better time!


Paulo Coehlo lends a helping hand

For those who are unaware, Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist, famously known for his book The Alchemist. He has sold at least 65 million copies of the book. Needless to say, the writer is loved and celebrated all around the world.

His post meant a lot to Pakistani fans, and it has now become the talk of the town.




Paulo Coelho’s tweet will help people of Balochistan in a massive way. It is important to note that libraries are also being built in other parts of the province including Turbat and Awaran.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. I want to congratulate for taking such a big and initiative step. May Allah swt help you in your mission. Ameen.
    I want to donate some books. where is the drop of point?

    • Search Izzat academy Panjgur in Facebook. Then contact them there, they will further discuss about the address where you have to send books.

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