Pawri Girl Shares Wild Hangout With Friends in Islamabad’s Rain-Soaked Streets

A rainy Islamabad >>>>> ⛈

Dananeer Mobeen, a Pakistani influencer-turned-actress, is a frequent social media user who treats her followers with adorable pictures.

The pawri girl took to Instagram and shared a series of images of herself and close buddies having fun in beautiful and rain-soaked Islamabad.

She captioned the post,

A rainy Islamabad >>>>> ⛈

Have a look at the pictures:

The pictures showed Dananeer and her friends driving wild through the city, taking in the stunning views of the rain-drenched streets, and having the time of their lives.

Despite the rainy weather, the group didn’t let it dampen their spirits and went on to explore the city’s famous landmarks and attractions.

One of the highlights of the trip was their visit to the Monal Restaurant, located in the Margalla Hills of Islamabad. The restaurant offers breathtaking views of the city and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The actress and her friends enjoyed delicious food and drinks, taking in the stunning views of the city while they chatted and laughed.

Likewise, she posted a reel when stopping on the road, and gorgeous city lights and background scenery can be seen in the video while Dananeer sways and enjoys the time of her life.

The actress captioned her reel,

How quintessentially Islamabadi of me to go to Monal, and make a pit stop on my way back to take pictures of this oh so gorgeous view that I’ll never get over? No matter how many times I see it?? 😩🤍

The actress’s followers were thrilled to see her having so much fun and appreciated her for sharing the pictures

On the work front, Dananeer Mobeen rose to fame in Pakistan with her now-famous catchphrase “Pawri Ho Rahi Hai“. Her video, which went viral on social media, led to her being discovered by advertisers and the entertainment industry.

Her popularity on social media has also made her a sought-after influencer, with brands eager to work with her.

Despite her newfound fame, Dananeer remains down-to-earth and has remained true to herself, always showing her fun-loving and energetic personality. With her raw talent and magnetic personality, Dananeer is truly a rising star in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

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