PEMRA Bans Drama Serial ‘Jalan’

Will this improve the content of Pakistani dramas?

Jalan Ban ARY Digital PEMRA

PEMRA has recently been taking stern actions against drama serials that do not comply with its standards. Drama serials such as Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay were banned as they were against the morals of the society. Now, they have banned another ARY Digitial show ‘Jalan‘ for the same reasons.

Jalan, starring Minal Khan, Emmad Irfani, Areeba Habib, and Fahad Shaikh, had been airing since 17th June 2020. Despite having some well-known celebrities, the show sparked an outrage amongst the general public.

People had been filing complaints through Pakistan Citizens Portal, PEMRA social media accounts, and PEMRA call centers. Everyone was taken aback by the storyline which mainly revolved around an extramarital affair between a man and his sister-in-law.

PEMRA’s statement read:

Viewers are registering their complaints in this regard on the citizens portal and to Pemra via the authority’s social media accounts and its call centre.



According to their statement, PEMRA had warned ARY Digitial multiple times to revise the content of drama serial Jalan, however, they failed to do so.

As there was no improvement in the script of the dramas by the channels, a final instruction was given to the channels on August 18 to produce the content of the dramas in accordance with the values ​​of Pakistan.



In addition to this, PEMRA has also warned the stakeholders and ordered them to review the content of their drama serials. Under Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance, the telecast or retelecast of any show that promotes pornographic, obscene, vulgar, or offensive content will be banned.

Jalan was banned on Thursday, 10th September after broadcasting 13 episodes on ARY Digital. What do you think of this decision? Let us know in the comments section.



PEMRA Bans Drama Serials ‘Ishqiya’ And ‘Pyar Kay Sadqay’


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    • Why we are taking this negative ,this is a moral ,we should know what is hapening these days how the sister turns into sinister,
      Ap isko apny bacho main , specially betiyoun ko btow k wo misha ki kismat the ,nisha should not be jeolous,
      There we tell them this is wrong, my daughters watch this drama and they are waiting what oiuld be outcomes of being jeolous..

  1. The decision is welcome.

    This drama was certainly disturbing.
    But there is a disturbing concern which I have been thinking all my life. Do men don’t need to behave morally? Why is this burden only on women?

    As a woman, I do understand my role in society and limitations in relationships, but why men don’t care?

    I have seen many men involved with their sister-in-laws. This strains the relationship of his wife with her family. Not only that, it reduces her to ridicule in her own family. There’s a dialogue by Night’s mom, in episode 13, saying “the roof that’s cracked only falls”. Yes it’s correct. O strongly feel that we now need to teach boys about moral conduct especially with women involved in various relationships. That’s it. Pl accept my apology, in case I have violated any rule believed Pakistani people.

    • Okay so men have extra marital affair with the sister in law but that innocent sister in law is accepting and enjoying it unwillingly? If man does it, he is shameless. But when a women does it, it’s because man made her do it and she was innocent. What a hypocrisy is it?
      I have seen men doing such things but it doesn’t mean that women are any lesser in it. Dear, It’s not the matter of men and women, it’s a matter of their corrupted values and ethics.

    • U said you have seen many men involved in affairs with their laws, do u think it’s all due to a man and the person(girl/woman) with he is having an affair is not responsible for the act, both men and women are responsible not only men…

  2. The story is a mirror of our society. It happens often in families, but we do not report like many families scared to report rape cases in Pakistan. Truth always bites.

    • It was not a wise decision to ban the drama.
      The deama was based on the realityof today’s sicietuand i’m sure it would have been ended with a goid lesson.
      So the ban should be cancelled.

  3. Jalan is very good drama… there is a message in this drama that nisha and asfand typ people do not live happily.. they are punished for what thy are doing… Good wins nd bad falls… very bad dicision by pemra….

    • Yes I totally agree. It would be immoral of Nisha and Asfand had a happy ending. I can with assurity they would have faced karma and ot would should have shown wrong is done with wrongdoers. This does happen in real life. This drama was a reality check for all.

    • SERIOUSLY…..or even they also in last show the result of good or bad why people are don’t understand that is the result or ur bad characters which they are showing on people should be need good thought from this drama.They need to take in positive thinks not negative.

  4. The same story drama was khali hath when, not sister in law but brother in law was chasing her. What about that..
    As by saying its just a drama. But drama leaves an impression on viewers mind .its totally misguiding

  5. This drama should not be banned because end of this dramaShould be moral lesson For those who create these type of situations . Some scenes should be omitt

    • Why bann the drama, it is the reality which is happening in todays world. We have alot of such families who has been dealing with such situations. Lets face the reality and should a lesson for those who have filthy minds to create such situations. This drama should NOT be bann.

    • Very true I agree.why people doesnt understand such stories help us to know the reality of life which will definatly help the innocent wife before it happen.
      There mmmust b llimit in every relationship ..this story is fact

  6. Let’s not pretend that this does not happen in society, regardless of backgrounds. It happens in all cultures and there are many stories. Both genders are equally at fault. How many dramas will you ban. I was hoping to see the ending, I’m sure the producer has a lesson to teach and would of had a very thought through ending. I have only started watching Pakistani dramas, I’m not a great fan of Indian dramas. Pakistani dramas are more reality based and I feel proud that they have tackled many taboo subjects and have highlighted many issues that are brushed under the carpet in society, let’s all face reality and look at the bigger picture. Hand on heart how many of us have watched Bollywood, Hollywood movies and turn the channel over when there is a embarrassing scene. Let’s celebrate our asian artists and give them some support and not always put them down. This is life !!! If anything I heard something about BIGO live ! That’s what you should be banning not something that teaches you a lesson and there is a moral to the story. Please forgive me if my comments have offended anyone.

  7. It’s interesting reading everyone’s comments. The fact of the matter is by banning something just makes people want to know why it’s being banned hence more interest is grown. Also what I don’t understand is the contents in Pakistan News is far worse eg. The motorway incident. Why are people so afraid of the the truth of what is happening in Pakistan. Banning such realistic events will not stop this happening.
    If anything it will make people realise what is going on eg Bikrey moti, this is reality of Pakistan which is very very sad but bringing it to the media through such platforms, I think is a way to reach to society and make people realise ‘it’s wrong BUT it’s happening!’

  8. We can’t wait too long for the good ending….
    YES people supporting drama are up to the sequences of the end and it’s moral..but it shouldn’t be tooo long bearing for the good end…Minal’s brilliant acting 👍seems to be so real making people on her charecter😇but awesome acting she performed….she deserves an award.
    Another thing is Chasing Man is neglected by people while Chasing Women make concern while both should be equal…if con…it shouldn’t have longer epi than required ..straight forward to content and fast forward towards end so that’s the moral to be displayed …if it doesn’t have a good teach at end than definitely should banned because it reflects……

    • Yes it will make people think that these things are normal in our society now a days and ultimately these practices will be considered as part of norms. It will left disastrous effects on people mind and no 100% of viewers wait for the drama till the end. It is good decision.

  9. Banning is not the solution instead should show the suffering of doing wrong.These things happen in society closing eyes is not the solution instead show ppl doing such wrongand immoral things suffer. create the fear of consequences of such things.

  10. Please don’t banned this drama because in the end it will a very good moral for men and for women plz pemra it’s a wrong decision it is happening in the society but the people who are doing all this stuff is a lesson for them that they can’t leave happy by destroying every
    good relationship for the sake of there so called relationship

  11. Putting a ban on jalan will not put an end on the reality.its just a Drama and entertainment. people are making it too controversial . The content of this drama is nevertheless away from the reality I guess.. then why such a ban ..

  12. Earlier too such dramas were shown y weren’t they banned for eg maat, madiha maliha and 1 more drama whose name I can’t recollect now I think its yahan pyar nahi hai

  13. No. You shouldn’t ban this drama. It’s a goood drama so far. I have liked every bit of it. Theres soo much lesson in it to learn. Its actually quite an interesting drama. And an unique content too. You shouldnt ban this drama. Please.

  14. Such a bad decision it was…. If there is bad content then there will be some lessond for the wrong doers too u have to take every thinh positive…. Kindly un bann it plz

  15. When did they say the sister was innocent? If she was innocent it wouldn’t be an affair but rape/sexual abuse. Stop making this about how awful women are. You’re doing a disservice to Pakistan. If people set their values by what is portrayed in a drama then there’s a massive problem. Were you also against Mere Pass Tum Ho, which incase you haven’t noticed was NOT banned despite its very overt inappropriate innuendos and haram relations. Furthermore, the victim ends up dying. No justice there. Either way, I didn’t request it be banned because it is not gospel. We should watch dramas as entertainment, not education or setting values. The end.

  16. Some people are comments about jalan drama. Wrong decision. They all people suporter of ARY may.
    Other wise every one with pemra decision.
    I also suport the pemra decision.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thanks pemra.

  17. It is just a drama with a different storyline – what is the big deal ??? We are tired of the same run of the mill dramas with men having 2 wives and the problems with that. The drama no doubt would have gone on to show how this sort of relationship would have ended in disaster. It would have taught people a lesson to stay away. What about Tum Meray Ho- a married woman living in with another man – why was that not banned? Such hypocritical behaviour!!

  18. Bad decision like some one else has commented it’s happening you hear this a lot nowadays I find it a wake up call to face reality it’s a lesson well learnt so plz change your decision as it may help some one realise wat type of distruction it causes

  19. Agree the content of this drama is disturbing but seriously take it as a drama, I don’t get it which kind of ethics , culture or values we are talking about here, so what about the dressing, what about the freedom of young kids or teenagers we showing, trust me all our dramas have western values…….so what is the big objection about this ?
    it’s doesn’t bother me if this is been banned or telecasts again. I take them just a time pass.

  20. This is the reality of our society everyone should think about their limits and respect every relationship as they are we should not be responsible for destruction of morals of our society…

  21. It should not be banned but end should leave a great massage for everyone and make sure the true value of every relationship..

  22. Isn’t the drama showing one of the facts in our country.they said it will show the reason and solution also.well if its bad then also stop those useless morning shows where women are models and men are doing there makeup touching them here and there,giggling,clapping and laughing on double meaning conversations.

  23. Very good decision by PEMRA coz now channels are getting out of control, Mere paas tum huu, jalan, Nand, in every drama they are just showing extra marital affairs and nothing else, tv is a family medium.
    Everyone knows that all this is happening in our society but that doesn’t mean we start showing such things on media.
    Majority of our public is mentally immature and such content promote negative in the society.
    Children will get negative impression of such respectful relations of, khala, khalu, phuppo phuppa, mamu Mumani.
    Please stop spreading negativity in our society.
    I fully support PEMRA’s decision.

    • If this story was in a lollywood movie everyone would be running to the cinema to watch it. If you dont like the story then dont watch it simple as that. I think it’s a fantastic storyline i can’t wait till the end.

  24. Banning of Jalan due to immoral contents so why not banned Marey Pas Tum Ho?? It contain more unethical contents & dialogues…..
    Think about it!

  25. Commendable job by the citizen of Pakistan by raising their voices against such content. Why each single drama revolves around a triangular love story or extramarital relationship..Is it some kind of obligation for a script writer to include irrelevant stuff or Home-made mirch masala to get ratings… Why we all forget our moral values, custom and culture.

  26. bahut bagameezi batare ye serial me maa baap ke koi izzath nai batare na behen ke aisa to nai hota na itne tarbeyat aise to nai hoti bakwas hai ye serial

  27. A good decision but too late
    Aisay drama hamary muashray me aik nae soch paida krtay hein or ye asal me muqDas Rishton me daraar paida krnay ka zariya Tha me chahta hun isey banned krnay ki bjaye is ka aisa end likha Jaye jo anay walon k liye sabaq ho istarh use band krnay se Kafi societies me khulbuli Machi huwe Hai ye meri soch Hai agay ap behter samjay hein aisa end dubara koe aisa qadam mut uthay Or sabiq Allah ki tarf se Hona chahiye

  28. I found this drama unethical and really nonsense. The characters who played roles should understand can they do in real. Can Minahal Khan do same with her real brother in law Amen khan husband Muneeb . Dramas are lesson learnt and mirror of society . Their must be cases like it but not in huge number that we could example that Pakistan could be known for illegal material status with sister in law and brother in law it’s not about men or women it’s all about moral. I personally stand with Pemra to take action where Emad is very good actor and he could get many more dramas but he should learn what sort of uniqueness in drama he should accept next time. Both ladies always rocked.
    I dont know how writer get this story . I want to ask does she or he victim of these sort of stories. What we are teaching our generation. Unknown ruthless illegitimate relations with own respected relations.

  29. Brave action against such a stupid producers n actors /all team .this is not enough put all in jail to show such bad image of pakistani women sister daughter n brothers all over d world..

  30. With a lot of regret, the illiteracy rampant in our society is very obvious from the comments above. The story is about a mental health issue that Nisha is suffering from where she has sibling jealousy. She wants what her sister has. All you guys would see was the affair but not the actual issue and awareness about it being raised through this drama. It’s a sorry state to see people in our society who think they are educated, have such small minds. Please be open minded, that’s not the same as being immoral!

  31. Ab kia faida esy ban krne ka jo kch wo dekhana chahty thy dekha chukay hain… Ab tu dramay ka end dekhna tha k jo log aisy galat kam krty hain un ka anjam kia hota hai Allah Unko kiasa sabak dyta hai… Ab ban nai krna chahiye tha logon ko ye sab kr k kia saza milti wo b pata lagna zrori hai… Kiyn ye sab hota hai hamary mashra mai… It’s true story

  32. Perhaps if people learn about the religion they’re so proud off, instead of just saying I’m Muslim learn what is a Muslim.
    According to Islam sister in law is mehram and you can’t marry a mehram…. So if people knew they’d realise how wrong it is to have an affair with sis-in-law.
    Sadee alfaaz mee sis-in-law behan barabar hotee hey jab tak aap us ki behan ke shohar ho. Aap us se shadi bhee nahi ker saktee jesee ke behan se nahi ker saktee.

  33. This is a regressive action by PEMRA.
    Dramas become popular because the public likes them. Just because a few extreme religious fundamentalists complain about a drama it should not be banned. The topics and themes address the good and bad in our society so that we reflect on it and try to correct ourselves.

  34. Hi this is maha ,
    I am against of the decision made by Pemra,
    Well there is nothing that is to be hide, we are pakistni Alhumdullillah ,and above all muslim, but these days its what we learn from these type of telecast ,what are the impacts, how we can avoid such things, its nothing new ,its happening around in our society.i think people should know what moral we have from this Drama

    • A very good decision. The moral of this drana would be amazing but 99% of our audience dont watch the whole drama. They watch a few episodes and then apply this to their own drama. We need dramas like Yakeen Ka Safar, Mushk, Sabaat, Alif which leaves a good impression on us.

  35. PEMRA, it is my earnest request to please also ban “Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat”. It is the cheapest and the most vulgar drama these days.

  36. This drama is a bitter truth of our society agar pamra ko dramas banned karne ka itna hi shoq ha to aese bht se dramas guzre hain jin par koi action nai kia gaya tumhare siwa hum TV ka nihayat behuda drama tha jis Main shadi jese muqaddas rishte Kay mazaq banadiya mansha pashata talaq k bad bhi apne ex husband k sath rehti hain or phr elaj k liye hi sahi magar ek namehram k sath out of country chali jati hain or ek hi room me stay karti hain aesi behudgi hamari society me non acceptable ha or reality based dramas ko banned kia jaraha ha

  37. Wese tou concept ghalat hy or ban kerna behter hy lekin sawal ye hy k ban tou tou ‘Mere pass tum ho ‘ ko bhi kerna chahye tha jis main aiza baghair shadi kiye ek ghair mard k sath reh rahi theen akaile hotel main ek kamray main theen pamra tab kahan tha tab ban kiun ni lagaya balke daikhne k liye ulta cinema main lagaya gaya.

  38. If dramas are going to be banned because of vulgarity and immoral actions then we won’t have many dramas to watch. I was looking forward to seeing the sister getting her comeuppance after doing what she did. Let the lessons be learn’t.

  39. A whole week of waiting for the next episode only to recieve this unwelcoming news.Seriously yaar …ye sahi nahi he. Why are we not seeing this is wat happens in the community -!?

  40. Hello.why this drama is going banned.this is story of new generation.whom forgot the real blood plz don’t banned.and the major thing Ishqiya and Pyar ky sadqay had finished NY pamra KO SBB Khial Aya


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