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Waqar Zaka’s Show Champions Gets Banned By PEMRA

No more Champions.

BOL Champions

Islamabad High Court is backing an order by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to ban Champions, a reality TV show on BOL Entertainment.

According to PEMRA ‘Champions‘ is being banned for being ‘offensive towards social, religious and cultural values of this country’. 

So far neither BOL network nor the show host Waqar Zaka have made any comment on this recent development.


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The thing about reality TV  is that it’s really not for everyone. For non-enthusiasts, it seems pointless and cringe-worthy. There had been numerous complaints against Champions over the violence depicted in the show.

Despite the complaints, online views of Champion tell a story of their own. Champions is Pakistan’s first reality TV show of its kind.

Globally, reality TV shows have also enjoyed success.

What does the Islamabad High Court think?

IHC thought it through before concluding they’re on the same page with PEMRA about what’s offensive towards the country’s ‘social, religious and cultural values‘.


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About Champions

Champions is a reality TV show hosted by the ever-controversial Wakar Zaka. The layout of the show is similar to reality TV shows like Big Brother and Big Boss. The show has volunteers that auditions and were selected live together in a controlled space.

Except they also have to complete a series of physical and mental challenges while they’re there. The participants travel together to different destinations and participate in various challenges.

It’s like a Big Boss and The Challenge cross over. Contestants are eliminated weekly until one champion remains.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Pakistani kisi chez ko bhi taraki krta nhi dekh skty 🙁
    Ase hi ban kr dia without any notice ya without any reason. Dictatorship thore hi h ye jo asa krna allowed ho.
    A shameful act by PEMRA

  2. Its too late sara show tou on-air ho chuka hai pehle high court ko yaad nai aya tha bann karna…no doubt boht hi bura ill-logical show tha …intehai buri language se bharpur or intehai ghatia soch ke Malik contestants or host gin ke liye bari se bari baat bhi screen per kehna koi issue hi nai…media aik boht bara source hai kisi bhi cheez ko promote karne ka to is source ko achi cheezain or Islam ko promote karne ke liye kun nai use kia jata…television per chalne wala majority content ghatia or vulgarity per based hota hai or ye show to inteha ka vulgar tha…being an Islamic society hm Islam ke concepts Islam ke way of life ko promote kun nai karte ..jb media ke zariya buri cheezon ko promote kia ja sakta hai to why not achi cheezon kon promote kia hm sach me Muslim kehna ke haq daar hai?….Honourable court should take notice itni power hone ke bawajood Honourable high court Islamic society me Islam ko na Nafiz kar sake to kis kaam ki he power,kis kaam ye honourable court……Nevertheless dair aye durust aye…

  3. Hahahha it’s just a game last episode may Pemra ko yaad Aya k ban Karo all is bulshit just 2,3 month Tak Bol TV nay Paisa banaya jab winner ki Bari aae tu bth Bari game khel di waqar zaka k show may hamisha aisa hota hai awam ko pagal banana aur logo k saat khelna well played waqar zaka and bol TV and Pemra

  4. I don’t know much about Waqar zaka. But always heard about his lose talks and some time threatening people of his own kind. Can any body tell me about this gentleman achievements. Honestly really interested to know about his career or life achievements.

  5. Great decision. Now kindly keep it like it and keep this show and host banned as well. This person and shows like his shows are damaging our religious and moral values. I haven’t seen any of his show except the clips that gets shared on social media when he disrespect and abuses women and men as well.

  6. This is a very cheap and vulgar show because contestants are abusing each other and don’t have any respect for moral values in a society which Islam has told us.
    That’s why this show should be banned lifetime.

  7. A very good decision. Although It is late, yet it is good. The authorities must keep this decision for other programs and channels as well. We want to stick our social, cultural, and religios norms intact. Although the usual dramas unfold the bitter realities of the society, but it is also the fact that society follows the media. So the selection of program must be made carefully.

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