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People Are Sharing How Rains Have Affected Life in Islamabad [Video]

Well these rains have affected the daily lives of many people.


Normal life has been disrupted in Islamabad following heavy rainfalls this Friday afternoon.

The Met Department had earlier predicted rains in different parts of the country including the federal capital. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the second spell of heavy monsoon rains is expected to continue until August 12.

The recent rain in the federal capital have filled roads across the city with water. This has undoubtedly made life difficult for the citizens.


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Reactions About Rainfall in Islamabad

Over at Twitter, irate netizens are sharing how their life has been affected by the heavy rain in the capital.

One upstanding citizen showed us how worse things are at some areas in Islamabad.


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Here are other people and their reactions to the heavy rainfall.

Roads filled with water:

However, Some Are Liking It

After days of scorching heat, some people really enjoyed the recent downpour and the drop in temperature that accompanied it. People took to Twitter to share some beautiful moments after the rain.

After the recent unfortunate incidents in Karachi following the heavy downpour, NEPRA has advised people to take safety measures in case of rains. The rains in Karachi claimed the lives of as many as 20 people.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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  1. Rain in Islamabad is a must because of mountains and forests around the valley as long as rain water or storm water drains carry all the water towards the waste, but everyone should look around the city low lying areas where the rain water clusters up and causes damage to houses and electric poles. All these scenarios are always looked over again and again, because no one bothers for the awam who are always left helpless and yet our govt. Wants to file our income tax. Pitty on the govt. They are just giving hopes and hopes but nothing. Thankyou Imran khan and the govt. For nothing.

  2. The beauty of Islamabad is that no mater how heavy the rain fall is, after sometime there is no sign of rain on roads unlike other cities where people can enjoy flooded roads for days !

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