Pepsi Wants You to Try Doodh Soda for Christmas

The not-so-original concoction is part of Pepsi’s Christmas campaign

Pepsi and Lindsay Lohan want you to try the ‘new’ combination of milk and soda as a Santa-friendly concoction called ‘pilk’, or as brown folks call it, ‘doodh soda‘.

It seems like Pepsi executives in America have finally caught up with the old and beloved desi beverage trend, and even launched a commercial starring Lindsay Lohan enjoying it.

The popular fizzy drink brand asked people to use the hashtag #PilkandCookies (Pilk = Pepsi in milk) as part of its Christmas-friendly concoctions. It has even launched an online challenge to get people to try it and win cash prizes.

Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Kaplan, issued a statement to explain the reason behind the new campaign.

Combining Pepsi and milk has long been a secret hack among Pepsi fans. With the rise of the ‘dirty soda’ trend on TikTok and throughout the country, we thought Pilk and Cookies would be a great way to unapologetically celebrate the holidays

Pepsi is now promoting the mix as its spin on the ‘dirty soda’ trend that was popularized on TikTok. Companies like PepsiCo (PEP) look to TikTok to get in on trends as a way to stay relevant to young customers.

Before dirty soda, there was doodh soda — a much better and more popular combination of milk and soda. Meanwhile, Pakistanis can have a good laugh at it.

Doodh soda has been around for decades and is a staple across the provinces of Punjab in Pakistan and India. It is one of those simple odd food combinations that sound gross until you try them. Those who have tried it describe it as a sweet, creamy, and lightly fizzy beverage that definitely thirst-quenching.



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