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Pregnant Woman Killed By Sister and Nephew in Jhelum

Will the killers be charged for double homicide?

pregnant out of wedlock

A Pakistani woman was murdered by her own sister and nephew because she was pregnant out of wedlock.

The incident took place in Punjab’s district Jhelum’s town of Sohawa. A woman had her son help her murder her younger sister who was pregnant and unmarried. The nephew shot his aunt in the head, leaving her to die of the gunshot wound.

As is what usually happens in such cases, the boy claimed he did it for honor. Despite the change in law regarding honor killings, people still aren’t getting the memo.


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After shooting his pregnant aunt, the young man fled the scene. Police officers have identified the fugitive as Sadaam.

Police had arrived at the village of Domeli after being informed about the incident.

Officers suspected the elder sister’s involvement as she was the only person at the house where the murder took place. The victim’s sister was taken into custody.

They transported the victim’s body for a post-mortem. Post-mortem reports confirmed the cause of death due to a gunshot wound. It also revealed that the victim had been six months pregnant.

It has not been revealed if the accused will be tried for a double homicide.


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When the Pakistani woman was taken to the police station, she admitted to killing her pregnant sister. She told officers that it was because her sister fell pregnant out of wedlock.

The woman said when she found out about her sister’s pregnancy, she tried convincing her to abort the child. Her sis had refused to do so. Following this development, the woman ‘intervened.’

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