Quick Style Holds Fun Meet and Greet at Karachi’s Port Grand [Images]

The boys are “living the dream in Karachi”.

The popular Norwegian dance group, Quick Style, had a fun meet and greet with the fans at Port Grand Karachi this week and met with various media reporters and journalists to talk about their experience in Pakistan and their future plans.

It shared a video on its Instagram as it arrived at the Coke Studio event, and captioned it:

Living the dream in Karachi, thanks to the Coke Studio team ❤️

In the video, one of the group members shared his experience in Pakistan, saying, “Everybody’s showing so much love to us”.

Here are some pictures from Quick Style’s meet and greet at Port Grand.

After the success of its first-ever live concert in Dubai earlier this year, Coke Studio brought the highly popular dance group to Pakistan for part of its new nationwide tour, Coke Studio On Wheels Tour. Quick Style set social media abuzz last week when it arrived in Karachi and took a picture in front of the Mazar-e-Quaid. At first, no one knew what was going on and there were several speculations about its new project. Now we have a clear idea and we can’t wait for more.

Quick Style or The Quick Style (aka the Quick Crew) is a Norwegian hip-hop/urban dance group. Its name is believed to stand for a way of living, thinking, and inspiring. It was formed in 2006 by the Pakistani-Norwegian twin brothers, Suleman Malik and Bilal Malik, and their Thai-Norwegian childhood friend, Nasir Sirikhan.

Quick Style

Quick Style’s unique style within dance is influenced by various different cultures but is highly affected by the hip-hop genre. It is notable for winning the ‘Norske Talenter’, a Norwegian version of America’s Got Talent in 2009. It also participated in NBC’s World of Dance and other dance competitions.