‘Hoist the National Flag Upside Down?’ Furious Adnan Siddiqui Challenges Sajal Aly

“I found it healing,” Sajal Aly fought back.

Actors Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly got into an argument over Shehzad Roy and Abdul Wahab Bugti’s rendition of the national anthem during the LUX Style Awards 2022 in Lahore on Friday.

Shehzad Roy and Coke Studio‘s famed singer Wahab Bugti performed an innovative rendition of it with incorporated bits of folk and contemporary styles.

Adnan Siddiqui

The veteran actor did not appreciate the remixed performance and shared his thoughts about it on social media last night:

Is it appropriate to take creative liberties with our National Anthem, which was composed to instill in us patriotism and remind us of our nation’s glory? Does our Constitution permit anyone to improvise/remix the Tarana in the guise of creativity? It’s always played in the original rendition at matches, tournaments, other state functions. At a famous award show, artists however, fiddle with the National symbol and possibly get away with it too.

He concluded his rant by stating he personally found the “remix of the Tarana disrespectful”.

While many fans agreed with him, some argued that the remix was more inclusive of Pakistan’s marginalized community. Adnan Siddiqui’s Yeh Dil Mera co-star, Sajal Aly, agreed with the latter.

Sajal Aly

Sharing her thoughts on her Instagram story, she said,

Pakistan’s diversity makes it beautiful. A rendition of the national anthem that is inclusive of historically marginalized groups far more patriotic than imposing a rigid and unitary idea of how to show our love for the country and its people.

Sajal Aly further urged everyone to “stop policing” people on how they should express their patriotism,

She asked,

Our constitution celebrates the many ethnicities, languages, and cultures in the country. When will we do the same?

Adnan Siddiqui disagreed with Sajal Aly and told her to revisit her stance as she had missed the point. He said,

‘Historically marginalized groups’ can express their love for the country without meddling with originality of our national honor. I am not throwing shad on the ‘ethnicity’ of artists involved or theirs or anyone’s patriotism. My grouse is with the nonchalance and creative over-enthusiasm towards the National Anthem.

The senior actor continued,

There is protocol to be followed for national symbols, respect accorded to them much so that the first alphabets of national symbols are written in upper case. What next because we are creative and should celebrate diversity? Hoist the National Flag upside down and design our own version of the Emblem?

Sajal Aly again respond and said she found the rendition the reflection of the diversity of Pakistan. According to her,

As a Pakistani and an artist, I found the diversity of my country reflected in this rendition of the national anthem beautiful. I found it healing. Shehzad Roy and Wahab Bugti broke no law. They breached no protocol. Their rendition reflected the values of our Constitution and remained true to the original anthem.

The Mere Pass Tum Ho antagonist actor finally told Sajal Aly that she is creating “unnecessary controversary” as he is not targeting the artists and their ethnicity.

Who do you think is right here?


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  1. Adnan is right, National Anthem and symbols are not for experimenting. They are absolute as they stir patriotism and fervour when played or seen. Sajal and party find praising Indians for their National ideals but vent to change in Pakistan. Remember her just witnessed award in Dubai where she was dying to praise Indian and Indian

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