Rabi Pirzada Urges Everyone to Read Quran With Translation

Turning over a new leaf in life.

Former showbiz celebrity Rabi Pirzada has made her first public appearance after performing Umrah.

In a recent Instagram video, Rabia Pirzada can be seen reciting the Holy Quran in the presence of a Qaari (tutor).


FIA Arrests Two For Sharing My Videos Online, Claims Rabi Pirzada

The caption of the video reads:

“Islam is the second-largest religion in the world after Christianity, with about 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. But most of them haven’t studied the real meanings of the Quran.”


A Call to Religion

The former singer maintained that she has started reading and understanding Quran, taking this opportunity to request everyone to join her on the virtuous path.

“I want all of you to be with me; let’s spread the words of Allah. May we all get HIDAYAT,” she continued.



Rabi Peerzada to Leave for Umrah after Quitting Showbiz

Not long ago, she was a social media queen with her bold video songs and adventure videos, making rounds on various platforms. Her life took a 360 degree turn after her private videos were leaked online.

It was that moment when Rabi decided to quit the showbiz industry and spend the rest of life learning and teaching Islam.

Written by Raza Rizvi


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