Ranveer Moves In With Deepika, Proves He’s Husband of the Year

Ranveer continues to make waves, in a good way.


Ranveer Singh is breaking norms by moving in with Deepika Padukone. Typically, in desi cultures at least, women move in with their husbands and not the other way around.

The reason behind Ranveer’s decision will make you swoon even more. The actor revealed that he wanted what was better for his better half and wanted her to be comfortable.

The actor revealed in an interview with India Today that he will do anything to make his marriage work. For him “opting out” is not an option and you do what it takes to keep the other person (cue the awwhs!).

“I’ve grown up seeing a marriage where the attitude is to make it work regardless of anything. A marriage is a commitment, out is not an option. So whatever you have to work through, you do.”


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Deepika is my priority, says Ranveer

Since the actor is so big on commitment, he’ll continue to keep Deepika as his top priority.

“The most sensible and convenient thing was for me to move into her set-up. She’s comfortable there and I don’t want to displace her. I always try to give her priority.”

Prabhadevi apartment has been Deepika’s home for many years but the couple are looking for a bigger home now. Deepika will probably have the most say in that decision given how much the Simmba actor cares for her comfort.

“I genuinely believe she is a far more evolved and wholesome person than I am. She is more responsible, mature and independent. Duniyadaari mein woh mujhse aage hai.”


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