Rawalpindi’s Famous Food Street “Kartar Pura” Is Getting A Makeover

PHA will also install CCTV cameras in the street to make it safer


Good news for Rawalpindi residents, especially those who love good food. Kartar Pura, which is a famous food street in Pindi, is getting a new-fangled makeover that could put it in the same league as Lahore’s Gawalmandi.

The Kartar Pura Food Street is known for its endless variety of mouth-watering desi cuisines  Be it Nihari, Siri Paaye,Chaney or Lassi; it has got it all that and more.

However, as the city’s population grew, the once-popular Kartar Pura faced issues in serving its ever-growing clientele of avid foodies from all walks of life. It was congested, and even finding proper seating arrangements became next to impossible.

No surprises here that the once-famous food street faced a decline in business and visitors.

Those days are coming to an end, and not a moment too soon.


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Kartar Pura Food Street Will Be Redesigned

The provincial government has finally taken notice and identified the issue facing the old food street. It has launched a makeover campaign for Kartar Pura, so that it can become the bustling foodie spot it used to be.

The initiative was launched by the Parks and Horticulture (PHA) for up-gradation and beautification of Kartar Pura and to make it a fully functional food street for families of the twin cities.

Under the project, PHA aims to renovate old buildings in the area, widening the street to create a seating area for the visitors and to develop a dedicated car parking area.

The authority is working day and night to complete the first phase of the renovation project before the start of Ramadan as hundreds of thousands of people are expected to throng the place, especially for Sehri and Iftar.

The second phase of the project involves the installation of CCTV cameras in the street to make it safe and secure for people visiting the place late at night.

A dedicated squad from the Traffic Police will patrol the area all the time ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Moreover, a waste management company has also being tasked with keeping the area clean.

We can’t wait to experience the new and improved Kartar Pura Food Street!


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Written by Raza Rizvi


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  1. It would be a great addition to the beauty of the city.
    An innovative thought to turn it so at par with that of Lahore’ Gawalmandi.
    Food Street Kurtar Pura is sure to grab heights of otherwise declining food business.
    Really waiting passionately for this to happen soon.

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