Reema Khan Wants PTV to Stop Airing Dirilis Ertugrul [Video]

Why does she feel this way?

reema khan

Plenty of Pakistani artists and content producers are not fans of all the love Turkish dramas like Dirilis Ertugrul are getting in Pakistan. Reema Khan is another one of them.

It’s safe to say the Turkish period drama has seen more success in Pakistan than our own drama serials. Of course, that can be intimidating for local artists and creators.

In her Ramadan transmission, the Love Mein Ghum actress backed Shaan Shahid’s argument on why we shouldn’t air foreign content in Pakistan.

“Our artist Shaan raised his voice that on our national channel we should not air content of another country.”


Shaan Is Disappointed About PTV’s Decision To Air Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Reema tries to justify her stance

Much like Shaan, his Dil co-star shared how the popularity of foreign content is a threat to local artists and creators.

“When you have our own content, and your own artists are sitting at home but still you are buying content from others and promoting it. This thing hurts so much. Because the artists of this country are paying tax, not foreign artists.”

However, this argument fails to acknowledge how Pakistanis will still have access to foreign content anyway, just not via national television. What they fail to see is that if Pakistani television becomes a distributor of this content, there is a significant monetary benefit.

The argument for why our own content is getting shabbier is always money. It can also be argued that wouldn’t the influx of cash from distributing foreign content help generate funds for better quality content being produced in Pakistan?

However, Reema Khan argued that;

“Foreign artists don’t pay taxes, our own artists do.”


PTV Breaks YouTube Viewership Records with Ertugrul Ghazi

The Koi Tujh Sa Kahan actress stands firmly with Shaan that PTV at least should not air foreign content.

“I think we should support local industry and I stand with Shaan Sahid because he spoke the truth,”

Even her guests reminisced about PTV’s golden days. However, they fail to see that we haven’t created such great content for a long time now.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Reema sahiba then should present a drama/show/film with much better content than Dirilis Ertughrul Ghazi.

    We will start watching that

  2. What local industry, when these worked with Indian artist then said ” for fun , culture no boundries ” because they are taking money and these are working, talking, barking only for money . If these included in the team and got money then no problem.
    2nd. Mr. Shan , your father Riaz shahid was hero of Pakistan He produced ” Zarqa, Gharnata and Yeh aman ” all are not local based on Muslim history . Last 15 years you are working but how many heroes you knows just only saying.
    3rd. Indian , Hollywood ( non Muslim culture ) acceptable but for Islamic values your hearts stopped. And you say we are Muslim ” shame on you all’s ”
    4th. In South Asia no single community local , all migrated and if you know tell about that.
    If you have no capability to produce good dramas then keep quite and think what are you doing , your frustration and complexes coming out from your inside to outside .
    5th. Understand the people sentiment and not go against majority other wise public not respect you and you will not survive in society. Already you ate in system .
    Last leave hepocracy ( munafiqat ) and tell exactly what in inside your black hearts.

      • How readilly everyone watched Aiskemamnoon and Mera Sultan…what happened to their ghairat?hypocrates all of thrm talking like losers…wakeup…

      • I think they both forgot dhin tana tana rain dance and jumping in cultivating areas cheap copy script of indian movies they both worked frequently in past be mature learn something from others techniques script writing cinematography costumes

      • Thisdrama is based on muslim history which as a history students we had read in our school and colleges.. what is wrong with it now that our national channel is air this history in drama form… Chinese stuff was also aired in past on our channel …so what is the prolblem with this .. Hollywood movies and cartoon are also aired on ptv .. no one talked about this english cultured stuff no to b aired.. ertugrul gazi is based on muslim history nothing bad is attached with this all is well .then what is the problem.
        As a muslim we r emotionally attached with sultanat e, usmania our forefathers had fought for saving the khilafat e, Turkey ..about which this drama is based on..

    • Really only these artists are against this series, otherwise it is being liked by every Muslim, in fact by many non muslims. Oh poor artists let us be aware of our civilization and culture. When you work in Bollywood industry, you want that content to be promoted in pakistan also; At that you did not even bother about foreign content.Really pathetic approach.

    • Absolutely Sahi kaha Aapne.
      I agree with you.
      Pakistan drama me Ghar kis tarha ujaarrna he ye sikhaaya jaata he .
      Ye bhi Bana le is type k drama Tu ham zaroor promote karainge.

    • Masha Allah,
      Sadly these people like to think the world should only air them not everyone is a fan of them so lets make that clear neither so they should step aside and pop a cd of their own on in their homes leave Ertrugul to be its doing brilliant they cant digest it.

  3. What an idiot? I wish she had talent, resolve and courage to have made something better than this. Had she been part of the drama, she would’ve been all praise for it – money makes the mare (read Reema) go.

  4. First they need to produce that kind of content and than talk about not showing other countries content.have they every produce such good show with make you remember or think about Islamic values too.

    • Pakistani content? Is her movie love ma gum even acceptable to on air on ptv or it should on air shan 3rd class dandasa movies.who u r to oppose when majority of pakistaniz want to see the drama.its a world of competition if u want to make ur place plz work hard to bettr your content rathar criticizing othrz.

  5. Reema khan apni koe local movie ka name bata den jo dekhna k kabil hu… Hum europen and indian movies tu dekh sakta han but Muslim History ko apni country MA prompt nahi hona da sakta..

  6. Its not about competition between any tv dramas. The content of Ertugul Qazi is very strong and reflect history of Islam.It is the need of time.

  7. Negativity is promoting on the name of awareness in pakistan…. . If you have such content why you haven’t come up… Pakistan film industry is coping western culture in their films and dramas.

  8. I have few points,

    If people tune their TV most of them will prefer Indian content over Pakistani content.

    If you open YouTube Pakistan domain you will mostly find trending content belongs to Indian entertainment industry.

    Game of thrones a series well known and followed by Pakistani

    Mostly Pakistani entertainment industry doesn’t produce quality product, for experiment you can ask cinema ticket sellers what people prefer.

    If above points lead to other then Pakistani content then we can say people welcome and prefer foreign content. Our actors and entertainment industry should raise their concern.

    Now back to Turkish drama, our actors and story writers should see people’s choice and trends you should create the content or ask government to revoke whole content.

    now people are just seeking attention by using the name of Turkish drama

    • True I agree. There’s nothing better than watching series or movies based on our islamic history. The continuous battle for the survival of Islam. I prefer watching true series like these than meaningless soap operas which provides nothing beneficial to the viewers. Dirilis Ertugrul is a very inspiring and motivational series, helps you value your religion, Islam. Bring on more series and movies of this nature.

  9. Khud se koi movie banti nhi na hi acting aati he hamare logon ko aur jab hum kisi aur ki tareef karte hain to inki jealousy se jan nikal jati he. Pichhle 30 sal se kum hi koi achhi movie banai gai zayada badmashi ko farogh diya aisi aisi heroin dekhi jab dance aata tha to darte the ke kahi chhat na gir gay. Na inko dance aata he na acting na story line aur kehte hain doosro ke drame per ban lagao.

  10. For God sake, try to understand their point. They are true in their place. No doubt drama is best but that undermines local talent and industry.

  11. Sorry to say bt what content u r talking about, i wish u pplz tried to make something like this we might have a different way of living, zindagi sirf saas bahu ki laraye, bhag kar shadi, maa baap ko dhoka dena, dusron ki haq talfi or is jesi or dusri burayo se shayad hum is tarah na lar ray htay jesay aj. So plz apni foolish soch apne pas rakh k try kren kch aisa bnanay ki jo wakaye dekhne k kabil ho. Ap log ko khauf is chez ka hai k is k bad ap k dramas koi nae dekhay ga to apka khauf bilkul thk hai.

    • Look who’s talking

      What these guys do for national channel??? I guess now this is jealously and they thought this will give rise to international industry in Pakistan. Meanwhile, we never expect this effort from Pakistani Industry to show good picture of Islam to nation. Hatts off for Turkey

  12. It’s the mindset that has to change. Appreciate the good and after all it is Islamic history in fact rather than their utterly stupid plays. Grow up guys!!!!!!

  13. I disagree with her stance i think we should inspire by our islamic real heroes who stand steadfast for the sake of islamic world unity this drama is a masterpiece

  14. Reema tum khud produce Kar lo Razia Sultana apnay paisay lagao tum nay apnay paiso say pani bhe nahe peya hoga, Apni jaib say paisay lagao kuch produce Karo hamaisha dosro ka paisa invest karwaya Hai tipu Sultan produce Kar lo shan ko lay lo is may shan ka gusa bhe thand a ho Jay GA sukoon ho Jay GA tum dono ko tum dono aik bhe historical drama nahe Bana saktay, paisay laganay partay Hai Rema bibi, kabhi apni filmay Dobara dekhi Hai? Shan bhai Wali dekhi Hai? Gujjar ke Dunia say bahir nahe nikla abhi tak. Paisa lagana parta Hai bibi

  15. Whatever has been said in above content is true.
    Lately our media created an hype over a baseless drama Mere pass tum ho n people went crazy over it. So now when they are seeing what real drama is they are bound to loose their limits.
    Why didn’t anyone speak out when our film producers themselves were asking to allow Indian movies with the plea that it will help to enhance our movies. And what do we learn from them is item songs.

  16. Esra Bilgic aka Halima From Ertugrul Once School Priyanka Chopra For Talking Against Pakistan

    Turkish series Ertugrul has become one of the latest addictions of Pakistanis. These days Pakistanis can neither stop themselves from watching the Urdu dubbed version of the series on PTV and neither can they stop moral policing the series’ Turkish actors for being different from their characters in real life.

    However, whatever moral policing Pakistanis would have done, everybody will drop everything and fall in love with Esra all the more once they find out how Esra Bilgic once school Priyanka Chopra and called her a hypocrite for promoting war.

    Remember when Priyanka Chopra arrogantly replied to a girl named Ayesha Malik who had called her a hypocrite for being a UN peace ambassador and yet tweeting against Pakistan when she written “Jai Hind” in response to the pseudo surgical strike of India in Pakistan.

    Priyanka Chopra was called out by a girl for being a peace ambassador and yet promoting nuclear war. Priyanka Chopra had very arrogantly snubbed the girl and shut her up. But it has been amazing to discover that Esra Bilgic had taken notice of the incident back then and schooled Priyanka Chopra for promoting war.

    “Being patriotic doesn’t mean that you should encourage the war. You shouldn’t belong in a conversation concerning war as a UN goodwill ambassador. You effect many children, many people as a role model. And you were so disrespectful against a woman who just asked you a question about your statement that you shared with millions people in your own twitter account,” Esra had commented on Priyanka’s Instagram profile.

    So yes, Pakistanis can go on and love Esra Bilgic all the more because the Turkish actress proved her love for Pakistanis long before Pakistanis started watching the series Ertugrul.

    • Hi all

      Please note
      *This is a past
      *This is a drama
      *This entertainment
      Last but not least
      Vieweing by followers

      Nither leaders nor creators


      Baat nikly gi tu dour talak jay gi


  17. Reema — If you feel threatened by Ertugrul then maybe the industry should up their game! Ertugrul is a powerful drama based on Islamic history with mind blowing acting! It would be a great shame if these serials were not aired on pakistan TV

  18. One can’t compare ertugul with so called commercial serials. Reema khan should shut up n not speak nor compare this epic series with other serials. Whole world is watching it and lovin it.

  19. Well we are watching Ertugrul because such inspiring dramas are not made in pakistan….its a shame
    That these actirs and actresses dint make any noise when indian ads and indian dramas and movies were telecasted on our tv channnels

  20. I think that you need to learn from this drama.

    You should be proud that have they opened up many eyes.

  21. Its not about competition between any tv dramas. The content of Ertugul Qazi is very strong and reflect history of Islam.It is the need of time.

  22. Reema shaiba plzzzzz apni soch change kro .. The content of Ertugul Qazi is very strong and reflect history of Islam.plzzzzz think about it.?

  23. If you are referring towards local productions…..plz do mention if not produce it…most welcome…but plz without..Gandasa

  24. She is saying that foreign artist are not paying taxes we do. To answer Reema, it is not about money. It is about the glory and history of muslim world which people of Pakistan love. If PTV or any private channel produce series for Mughal empire from babar to bahadur shah Zafar, and Tipu sultan, with same or better content then people of Pakistan will watch that too.

  25. All these actors which are against the ertugrul having no ability to show such a great performance with content so in this way their first option is criticize ,jealousy ?? you should be ashamed

  26. English movies and Indian movies are all over Pakistani cinema people love to watch American movies and shows and Indian movies are played more here then anywhere else why are these actors only talking about a quality Turkish drama let me say it they are jealous and worried about the competition ?

  27. Pakistani drama artists are much more talented than any foreign country’s artists. Pakistani artists must not be afraid of the airings of Dirilis Aurtughal Gazi. The reason of popularity of Dirlis is not the acting of it’s artists it is actually the powerful history of muslims

  28. These semi literate and illiterate artists have no idea what they are talking about.. Why are film artists doing Ramzan transmission?

  29. Actually they are afraid that young generation would learn something about their golden history through such dramas,they have no problem when filthy Indian movies and award shows are aired on different channels promoting their culture and language and their religion but they have problem with brother Islamic country’s fantastic production.
    They have an open agenda to drown this generation into the sea of filthy entertainment.

  30. Jealousyki bhi had hoti hai igar tum log asa content lao gye to vo bhi famous ho gya per PAKISTANI industry sirf ishq o Mashakii ki story banaya hy vo bhi hamary great leadere per story banaye to Pakistani log zarrordekhe gi

  31. Well PTV showed many country historical and other content in past. Why Ertugrul is burning point for everyone due to its fame or success.I watched all Resurrection of Ertugrul seasons and found how successful leaders promote their history. We must learn from each other and purify ourselves. Please dear artists don’t waste your energy and start working on your projects. Turkish drama represented clear vision of Islam state. Don’t you think before anything we need to understand our role as Muslims. Please stop blaming others. We all need to understand our real life objective. Please pay attention.

  32. When Reema pays tribute to indian film actresses on stage in India, then she doesn’t remember such ethics. Then they say, art has no boundries.

  33. ترکی کے اور بھی ڈرامے مختلف چینلز پر چلتے تھے اور اب بھی چل رہے ہیں۔مگر ان لبرز سیکولرز یہودیت سوچ رکھنے والوں کو تکلیف صرف اور صرف ڈرامہ ارتغرل سے ھے۔کیونکہ اس میں اچھے طریقے سے تاریخ کو بتایا گیا ھے۔کچھ کمزوریاں بھی ہیں مگر یہ ڈرامہ ایک بہت بہترین کوشش ھے۔باقی جن کو اس ڈرامے سے مرچیں لگ رہی ہیں تو انکا کوٸی علاج نہیں ۔۔
    کیونکہ انکے ہیروز تو سپرمین اسپاٸیڈر مین آٸرن مین اور شکتی مان جیسے فرضی اور جھوٹے کردار ہیں۔۔

  34. Govt will Continue to air the Ertugrul drama on PTV. Our local artists don’t have capacity to make a series like Turkish artists did. Most importantly this is what we would like to inherit to our generations. Not your base less dramas to destroy generations.

  35. Hi dear Reema.
    Love your statement but perhaps review previous statements before putting foot in mouth. ??.
    It’s a drama and as such art does not and should not have borders…. Hope this jogged your memory a bit.

  36. تو پھر اس سے بہتر کانٹینٹ بنائیں۔ خود اپنی ڈراموں کی حالت دیکھیں جہالت کی کس مقام پر پہنچ چکے ہیں آپ

  37. O, come on. What’s making you nervous their perfect acting, the script or the strength Muslims in those times derived from religion. Mam grow up, and learn a thing or two about real history.

  38. Haan ertugrul dram nahee dikhao. In kaa valgur naach gaanaa dikhao jin mn adhi se zyada faslain kood kood k he tabah kr di thn

  39. We are very happy with this marvellous magnificent and an eye opener series for us muslims esp youth.. if we are getting to know about the great deeds of our muslim heroes.. u guys should just shup up and stop spreading negtvty about it and its better if u just stick to your award shows and dance performances..

  40. Is she stupid……Reserection Ertugrul is the most lovable TV show ever… and my sister watched it…..I’m watching it all over again……love you Altan…our gold!??????????

  41. Agar inko dirilis Ertugrul (jis main Muslim power ko dekhaya gaya ha) ki ahmiat ka andaza hota to kabi asa na kehte

  42. I think it’s exciting not only the youth but our elders as well who have been so tense recently. Also it depicts Muslim history, which after watching, I for one have actually opened books and read. I never knew about our Muslim heroes and thanks to these turkish plays I’m witnessing history once again. Thank you for this amazing gift and thank you for increasing my knowledge positively instead of these saas bahu issues, husband wife issues dramas etc. The sloppy Muslim in me just woke up after watching this exciting series. Nice refresher! Thanks to Imran Khan for making it publicly accessable.

  43. Why they are crying now this Turkish drama really very good atleast better than Indian movies and dramas and even what Pakistani dramas are teaching society only Divorce no good ethics.

  44. Reema bibi, awam ko hmesha Thumka lga kr screen se glue nhi kia ja skta. This is not 1990, when blue eyed dancing dolls were ‘in thing’.
    You have never objected to airing hollywood material on ptv ( drama serials n films) got upset when a brand new reality was exposed before pakistani audience, who were all too familiar with trash from bollywood n hollywood. Its the first ever time that pakistani audience is exposed to hidden mystery, which was shrouded in the mist of disinformation. Who stopped PTV from creating spectaculer historical drama like this one imported from Turkey. And please accept thd reality that a
    Jis tarah music ki koi boundary nhi hoti, same goes for quality drama. Viewers are quality consious, please create quality content, without obscene, vulgar jhatka, matka, etc and viewers will reject foreign content. Look at your own film industry, when you people heavily introduced flash business n vilgarity, viewers ran away. They only partially reverted to Pakistani cinema when educated lot from Karachi stepped into ( as opposed to red light..) and created slightly good quality content. Viewers were partially back. Please stop becoming mouth piece of anti-ottomon empire.

  45. İt would be nice if these critiques would look at the drama contents of Pakistan. All filled with intense negativity of women against each other with no serious subject . Unnecessarily prolonged and unrealistic in terms of behaviour of characters in real life. İn a season all dramas have one single plot, see one and see all. Better improve own work rather than criticising others.

  46. Being an American..and a secular one at that..I do believe there is a God..but I am a I learn from All Religions and Cultures..I absolutely LOVE Dirilis Ertugal..It has shown Islam to me in a very Positive light…It is one of the best Produced and Acted forms of Filmaking and Storytelling

  47. I have read these responses with great Interest..So Happy to see Pakistani people express themselves..E rtugal is excellent..bottom line..Do not let Societal forces deter your far as Artistic expression the Challenge..Make better Stories ! Evollah Bey!

  48. I like turkish islamic history drama , its one the best & everyone should watch it , as far as promoting local talent is concerned , PTV , , Private Producers , Artists should step forward & make dramas of same quality or better based on islamic history of different parts of islamic word & show the younger muslim generation & the world at large our glorious past & hope for bright future for all .
    Thank you People & The Turkish Govt & The PTV & The People of Pakistan … Stay Blessed All …

  49. Agr pakistan mai aisa drama bny to hamary liye is sy zyada fakhar ki kia baat hogi or hum apny actresses ko to waisy he bohat pasnd krty hain ..baat actors ki nai baat story or hamry religion ki hai

  50. Considering your failure to provide better options, your opinion is nullified! You can’t compete with something that inspires people religiously and otherwise to be brave and fight against injustice, and now you’re mad that you keep contributing to series and films that have no REAL value?? I’m proud that they recognized the value and artistry of the series! Maybe you need to face yourselves and what your real values are!

  51. Local industry has created a huge vaccum. Pakistani audience have fed up with usual SAS bahu jhagras. We need to see something different. When dirillis ertugrul have filled up that space with something different and real as well as part of our glorious Islamic history pakistani audience thronged to it. Go make something like dirillis ertugrul and I assure u pakistani audience will never disappoint u

  52. I can’t believe some of our celebrities can’t take the good message of what it teaches us. it is showing us:
    1) the Islamic values we should at least try to adopt.
    2). It teaches to treat each other with compassion, regardless of the situation we are in.
    3). Never give up regardless of how hard the road ahead maybe.
    4) And above all having unwavering faith in Allah.
    So if our celebrities are that concerned about ertugrul being aired in Pakistan why didn’t they make something similar with high production values instead.
    I remember not so long ago Shaan and Reema were giving us the same old maula jatt type movies with bad production values and absolute mindless violence for no damn reason. Pakistani dramas have always been better than our old movies pre- 2013/14 but even with our dramas we ended up with dramas about saas bahus, Talaaqs it has almost become depressing when I know we also have very talented artistes but are reduced to the old formula dramas, creativity has taken a complete nose dive. I am all for support of our own talented artistes but for goodness sake give us something we as a country can be proud of, give us great epics like ertugrul because we also have our own historical heroes but the truth is that no producer/director wanted to get off their backside to make one, is it any wonder why the nation loves ertugrul, it’s because it has given us Islamic values that we can be proud of. So thank you IMRAN KHAN for promoting ertugrul in Pakistan, you have given us something we can watch as families.

  53. I wish Deems Khan had the heart to say about Indian Films being shown in our Cinemas, their advertising in our TV channels and their publicity in our print media.

  54. hmm.. not sure why suddenly Pakistani artists have problem with airing this Turkish drama. No one ever objects when English dramas & programs from western countries are played on TV. What am I missing here?

    I am also not sure why the whole nation is so obsessed with Ertugal series. Its a drama and more than 50% is fiction. People… get a reality check. They are all actors & actresses portraying mostly fictions characters.

  55. Because we pay taxes, we deserve better content than the typical, evil-spewing saas-bahu schemes and husband-wife-mistress infidelity. Sorry Reema, you “artists” need to step out of your comfort zone and produce better content.

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