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Shaan Is Disappointed About PTV’s Decision To Air Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Do you agree with him?

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Diriliş: Ertuğrul is a pretty popular show on TV these days. For some, it is a show that shares excellent production qualities like Game of Thrones. For others, it is a more refined version of Mera Sultan. Either way, the show has a huge fan following as people tune in every week to watch the Turkish epic series. While the rest of the country is excited to watch historical fiction series (with Urdu dubbing on PTV), Lollywood star Shaan is disappointed with the state-owned channel’s decision to air foreign content.


Recently PTI leader Faisal Javed Khan tweeted about the show. Shaan abruptly replied to the tweet by the Senator with,

“Try to find our own history and it’s heroes.”

Following Shaan’s tweet, people jumped in to show their support of PTV’s decision, but the Waar star was not having it as he stood by his stance.

He asserted that PTV should fund original epic projects, instead of spending money on foreign content.

Here are some of the comments he made:


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When the debate got more heated, Shaan clarified that he is not against Turkish dramas but wants the government to support Pakistan’s own industry.

He ended the debate by appealing to Prime Minister Imran Khan to support the entertainment industry and stop cultural imports like these.

Shaan has been very vocal about foreign and international films dominating the box office in Pakistan as he is also against Bollywood films as well. What are your thoughts? Share your answers in the comments below.


Imran Khan Wants You to Ditch Bollywood For Diriliş Ertuğrul

Written by Sher Alam


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  1. It is part of our muslims history it is our proud values
    Artaghul should be on air on all media channels

  2. Shaan is absolutely right! Wouldnt we be concerned if we were in his place!!
    Its time to tap into your local heroes as well as heroines!!
    Drilis might prove to be the awakening towards recognizing our own well known,little or unknown heroism.
    Give Drilis a chance..the public at large also needs to made a change to their taste in song & dance.
    Actually people are starved for entertainment ,with everything adding to their daily battles,two things local heroism & genuine humour for all age groups is now a would be a while by the time PTV invests in the above,till then it would be a good idea to watch Drillis.

  3. Shaan sb. Ya kisi ka manga hoa lfz ni han ya Otoman Empire ki history ha.
    Ap aik acha hero han ma apki bht izzat karta hn. But hmara han asi history koi maye ka lal on air ni kar sakta. Agar koi bnay ga bhe sahi to 2 number sahafion na us per bahas karka he bnd karwa dane ha.
    Dosri bat ya ka Govt. Kion interest la in kamon ma? Govt. Ka jo kam ha bs wo apna kam kara.

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying Ertugrul in the USA, in the same way I enjoyed the tales of Britain’s King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. I would very much like to see a series or movie from Pakistan about its legends and beloved heroes. Why does it have to be one or the other?Why not allow the people of Pakistan to enjoy this terrific series from Turkey for what it is while also getting to work on an epic tale of Pakistani origin? If you make it, I will watch it.

  5. Shan Shahid is saying they act as producer give them script. Our Industry has not much amount to shoot such a drama.moreover he said it is history drama anyone can act in this drama

  6. جتنی آپکی جیب آپ کام کیجیے، جو آپ جیسے ہونگے آہستہ آہستہ ملتے جائیں گے۔ پہلا قدم آپ اٹھائیے! اور جہاں سے جو خیر ملے اکٹھا کیجیے
    I have literally seen a huge difference in my family after watching this Alhumdulilah.

  7. Shaan. Is absolutely right support your country support your film industry not another country time to open your eyes and do something for Pakistan. Shaan Shahid is legend is a superstar of this country Pakistan we are proud of him is absolutely right PTV should give opportunity like sunshine to do something for Pakistan not for Turkey India or other countries is lack lack of education problem in this PTV or any another department. They only see where they can make some money that’s all about that’s why they support foreign countries wake up call

  8. They are the heroes of muslim world but we support him in every line. I also tell the the shaan that what you are done for the people expect making of love dramas since that we see since pakistan is made.first time great step is taken we just support him.
    “Love you PM,and PTV”

  9. There is nothing wrong in airing Islamic hisotry much better than their pathetic dramas with multiple affaors n stuff.. And i dont think Pakistan has so much depth knowledge of Islamic hisotry to even build somethin ljke. This.. We nowadays are so involved in worldly life we have almost forgotten what sacrifices our ancestors has made.. Its a good step to awake us up… And i hope sincerely someday some pakistani with true knowledge would make something like this without any changes.. In sha Allah

  10. I don’t think our filmmakers are capable of making even a short 10 min content having that quality these foreign contents have.

  11. everyone is right ….
    Ertugrul is part of our history
    and we do not speak arabic bcz we r “ajamis” and the word means “speechless”…. so, according to this we should not speak arabic due to sacricity… We should make our dramas in addition to it…..nd I hope tht PTV will make them…In fact, we should import dramas of all ISLAMIC heroes from all MUSLIM countries bcz we r one✊☝millat nd export our content to them…..

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