Robber Loots Shop Owner Again For Sharing CCTV Footage With Police

The thief came disguised as a policeman!

A man was caught on camera robbing a juice shop. After the owner of the shop released the CCTV footage to the authorities, the thief robbed the store once again.

Turns out he robbed a number of shops at the University Road in Karachi within a span of few days.

According to ARY News, the man robbed the same shop twice after the owner gave police the CCTV footage. The man was robbed twice for cooperating with the police.

In the CCTV footage, the thief can be seen robbing the store disguised as a policeman.

“You shared CCTV footage of robbery with police that’s why I am here again to loot shop for the second time,” the burglar told the shop owner.


Karachi Builder Robbed of Rs. 30 Million Prize Bonds

In the CCTV footage, an armed man could be seen wearing police trousers. Surprisingly he can also be seen using the number plate of the Sindh police while robbing various shops on Karachi’s University Road.

One of the clips from the footage shows the suspect entering the shop. He points a gun at the cashier as the latter hands him over the money.


Other People Who Were Recently Robbed

Street crime has seen a sharp rise during the pandemic. Recently robbers stole 98 bridal dresses from a boutique in DHA. In another instance, robbers took 12 kgs of ‘Sohan Halwa’ during a robbery when the bakery had ‘insufficient cash’.

Recently citizens of Karachi’s Shah Faisal Colony stepped in to foil a robbery. Men on motorcycles were hounding a man on a motorcycle in the midst of motor theft. When bystanders saw what was happening they intervened and thrashed the robbers. One of them was caught while the others escaped.


Robbers Run Off With 12 Kgs of ‘Sohan Halwa’ After Finding Insufficient Cash [Video]

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