Salma Marwat Khan Wins 4×4 Rally and Becomes Pakistan’s Fastest Female Driver

Women can rally in more ways than one!

Salma Marwat Khan

Salma Marwat Khan is proving women can rally in more ways than one. This emerging rally driver is currently the fastest female driver after her win at the Chakwal 4×4 off-road rally.

Post-Aurat March 2019 Pakistan is not just about highlighting violence against women. It’s also about women who are proving they’re not backing down and here to explore every domain.

Salma Marwat Khan Pakistan's emerging female rally driver

These Pakistani women role models are breaking stereotypes and gradually making way for other women to follow their footsteps.

While we acknowledge the Pakistani women that have paved the way for us to come so far, we also laud women that are breaking new ground, like Salma Marwat Khan.

Who is Salma Marwat Khan

Salma Marwat Khan is Pakistan’s fastest emerging female rally driver. Recently she won the inaugural Chakwal 4×4 challenge off-road rally.

She wasn’t alone is this regard. While Salma Marwat Khan won the first position in the women’s category, Asma Raza Siddiqi and Anila Khan came in second and third.

Salma Marwat Khan winner of Chakwal 4x4 challenge off-road rally

Salma Marwat Khan completed the track in 22:09:40 seconds. While fellow off-road rallier, Asma Raza lagged behind by just 1:32 minutes.

Last year’s winner Anila Khan came in third. It should be mentioned that Anila is a veteran pro rally driver, having won the titles of Hub Rally, Sawat Rally, and Safranga Rally.


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Motives Behind the Motor-Sport

Salma Khan says she just loves motorsports and she wasn’t going to let gender biases get in her way. She literally just drove over them!

“It’s a great feeling to win titles, I love motorsports and I aim to be the best in this sport,”

This is just a regular girl (doing extraordinary things) with a passion for motorsports and she’s trying to turn her passion into a profession.

Image Source: Facebook

Salma wants to inspire other women to pursue motorsports (winning the Chakwal 4×4 challenge off-road rally hits that aim).

This wasn’t her first achievement, as this is her the fourth off-road title. She has participated in some eight different races.

Four awards for eight rallies, thats some really good odds. She’s already making a mark on Pakistan’s motorsports scene!


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