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Salman Khan Threatened With Ban If He Works With Mika Singh

Will Salman oblige like he did with Navjot Singh Sidhu?

Salman Khan and Mika Singh

Bollywood playback singer Mika Singh faced severe backlash following his performance at a wedding in Karachi. Mika Singh was slapped with a ban by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE). Now Salman Khan is also being threatened with a ban.

The FWICE also barred other celebrities from working with Mika Singh. Salman Khan, who was set to perform with Mika Singh, was also threatened with a ban by the FWICE.


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Following the ban, Mika Singh addressed a press conference yesterday where he apologized to the Federation and the nation for performing in Pakistan. The “Aankh Marey” singer termed his performance in Karachi a coincidence when tension between the two neighboring countries was mounting.

“It is a coincidence that I went there and Article 370 happened. If I made a mistake, then I apologise to the federation and the entire nation,” he said in a press conference.

The “Supergirl From China” singer continued to press that he did not mean to hurt the sentiments of his fellow Indians.

“If I have hurt any of my fellow Indians knowingly or unknowingly, I humbly apologiseto the whole country,”


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In a press release issued on Wednesday, the FWICE  announced to lift his ban after he admitted his mistake. The Federation of Western India Cine Employees also warned him of severe consequences if he repeats his mistake.


Furthermore, the FWICE directed TV and Radio channels to refrain from inviting Pakistani artists to its shows.


The Controversy

A relative of former President General (Rtd) Parvez Musharraf had Mika Singh perform at his wedding in Karachi. Mika Singh jetted to Pakistan just a few days after India revoked the special status of Kashmir. Following the Indian government controversial move, Pakistan decided to cut cultural ties with India. Despite all this, Mika Singh was allowed to perform in Karachi.


Mika Singh Gets Banned in India After Performing at Pervez Musharraf Relative’s Wedding


He was issued a 30 days visa by the Pakistani High Commission in India which prompted severe backlash. The FWICE decided to slap Mika Singh with a lifetime ban.

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Written by Arslan Khattak


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