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Samaa TV Host Muhammad Shoaib Apologizes to Nasir Khan Jan After Backlash

Shoaib accepted that he misbehaved and apologized for it.

nasir khan jan and muhammad shoaib

The host of Naya Din, Muhammad Shoaib apologized to Nasir Khan Jan after facing immense backlash for bullying the social media sensation on his show.

Internet sensation Nasir Khan Jan garnered widespread support when the hosts of Samaa’s morning show Naya Din bullied and belittled him on air.

While Muhammad Shoaib was particularly aggressive towards Nasir Khan Jan, his Naya Din co-host Kiran Aftab just smirked at Nasir Khan Jan’s humiliation. Kiran Aftab has not put out an apology yet.


Nasir Khan Jan Thanks Fans For Supporting Him After Bullying Incident On TV

Samaa television host Muhammad Shoaib apologized to the social media star Nasir Khan Jan in particular and extended the apology to his fans and Samaa’s audience.

“It hurt the sentiments of Nasir Khan Jan, his fans, and our viewers. And I am deeply apologetic to all of you because what I did was extremely wrong.”

Shoaib stated that his behavior was wrong, his questions were harsh, and that his manner of questioning was wrong as well.

Apology Accepted, Positivity Advised

Nasir Khan stated that the outcome of the whole ordeal was that even non-supporters came to his support. He accepted the Samaa TV host’s apology. He then added that he hopes this positivity is long-lasting. Nasir Khan Jan asked the host to extend that kind of positivity towards him and others like him on the regular.

“I hope you people remain positive towards my activities on a daily basis,”

The host then lauded Nasir Khan Jan for keeping his calm even when he was misbehaving.


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Shoaib says he learned a valuable lesson on respecting guests and treating them in the best possible ways.

“We had a guest on the show and I did not show him respect, I asked him some questions. The questions were wrong, the manner in which I asked them was wrong, and my style of asking them was wrong.”

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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