Sania Mirza’s Latest Post Sparks Separation Rumors

Neither Shoaib Malik nor Sania Mirza have addressed the matter.

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza

Netizens have begun speculating about separation between Shoaib Malik and his wife, Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, after the couple’s recent social media activities.

Sania Mirza shared a picture with her son Izhaan Mirza-Malik on Friday, in which he is seen holding his mother’s face and kissing her on the nose. While the picture has melted the hearts of many fans, the caption got people thinking if all was well.

“The moments that get me through the hardest days,” Sania wrote.

shoaib sania

The tennis star also shared a quote on her Instagram story that read: “Where do broken hearts go? To find Allah“.

People continue to speculate about the couple’s relationship even as the duo celebrated their son birthday a few days ago. Fans noticed that Shoaib Malik had posted pictures from the birthday party but Sania Mirza had not.

shoaib sania
Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik with Izhaan

According to online rumors, the Pakistani cricketer allegedly cheated on his wife during a show. However, these are mere speculations with no proof.

Here’s what people are saying about the star couple:

Neither Shoaib Malik nor Sania Mirza has come forward with a statement on the matter.

Everyone’s Favorite Indo-Pak Couple

The celebrated Indian tennis player, Sania Mirza, and ace cricket player Shoaib Malik tied the knot in April 2010 and became one of the most popular non-showbiz couples in Asia, which is a beautiful example of harmony between India and Pakistan. They had a baby boy, Izhaan Mirza Malik, in October 2018.

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  1. Nothing is going on Alhamdulillah the one who is spreading rumours is actually devil they are together n in Jannah insha’Allah will be together ameen