Sarah Khan Releases Her Wedding Video and Its Pretty Cute [Video]

This is sweet.


Actress Sarah Khan and singer Falak Shabir took the Internet by storm with their engagement. Since then the spotlight has been on their wedding. We finally get to see a wedding video of the festivities.

Since the proposal on July 14th, which was also Sarah Khan’s birthday, we’ve seen Falak’s Lahori wedding in quarantine.


Who is Falak Shabir, Sarah Khan’s Husband?

When they wrapped things up with the Nikkah on July 16th, we were laughing our hearts out much like the newly-weds themselves.

A Dream Wedding

Given that Falak Sabbir is a singer, we knew he would be belting his heart out at his own wedding. However, it was Sarah Khan’s adorable antics that took us by surprise.

The bride and groom had playful banter going back and forth. Sarak Khan demanding that Falak ‘pay attention to his bride’ and then joking ‘souchlein abhi bhi‘ if he’s sure about this.

Falak wasn’t about to let it slide. He responded by saying;

Souchney ka waqt khatam ho gya, Ab qabool hai qabool hai kehne ka waqt aa gya, (the time to think about it is up. Now is the time to say yes).”

It seems like Sarah Khan was getting cold feet admitting that she was scared. Falak assured her not to be afraid because he was ‘right here‘ with her.

Daren matt, mai apkay saath hon” (Don’t be afraid, I’m right here with you).


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Since then. we’ve seen Falak Shabbir really sticking to his promise and sticking by his bride.

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