‘Sevak: The Confessions’ — A Bold Take on India’s Hindutva Movement

The series is built on eight stories woven around a crime and is based on true events.

Vidly.tv has launched path-breaking content in the form of an original production — Sevak: The Confessions web series. The first episode is out on YouTube and the full series can be watched on Vidly.tv

Sevak: The Confessions is built on eight stories woven around a crime and is based on true events between 1984 and 2022. It is a bold depiction of the RSS-inspired Hindutva movement in India and faith-based atrocities. The statement that the series makes is an important one on many levels, especially in raising awareness and voice against terrorism and human crimes by extremist elements in India. It showcases how power-hungry and mislead people commit hate crimes against minorities.

It is time that the world starts talking about the human rights violations occurring in India, and that’s what the series is about.

The series is based on the life of Deep Singh Sidhu, along with events inspired by the stories of Gauri Lankesh, Hemant Karkare, Graham Staines, Junaid Khan, and Surekha Bohtmange. It is also based on the events of the Babri Mosque demolition, and the 2002 Gujarat pogrom among others.

The first episode opens with the accident of Jeet Singh (whose character is based on Deep Singh Sidhu) and Vidya, a journalist who witnesses a rise in Hindu radicalism, like the demolition of Afreeen Fatimah’s House, while trying to establish her own newspaper. She is contacted by an informant Mannu, who starts narrating a different story of Jeet Singh and his murderer, who were both born in the year of the Sikh genocide (1984).

Vidya gets suspicious of Mannu’s claims and traces his location but even as she reaches him, they both have to run to save their lives.

This historical action thriller is based on the true story of an assassin. Mannu leads Vidya on a path to reveal the dark secrets of Jeet’s death. She unwillingly enters the labyrinth of Mannu’s tales, encountering many ghosts of his past. The stories shared by Mannu unravel the horrors of hate crimes, atrocities, and genocide. As the truth is revealed, both of them find their lives in danger.

Mannu is navigating life with a deep story in his heart as they encounter Vijay Karkare, Preet Kaur, Arun, Vinayak, and Sadhu. The series thrills with intrigue and mystery entwined in true events that blur the lines between fiction and the truth, making the series all the more gripping as multiple dimensions of espionage open with each episode.


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