Shadab Khan’s Cute Superhero Artwork for Shaheen Shah Afridi Will Make You Go ‘Awwww’

Bromance ho to aesa.

Pakistani cricketers Shaheen Shah Afridi and Shadab Khan have won the hearts of netizens with their cute bromance again. The fiery pacer interacted with his fans on Facebook on Tuesday and asked them to draw a cricket jersey that best describes him.

He wrote,

Hi guys, let’s have a quick fun chat today! Who can draw a cricket jersey that describes me the best? Do share a brief story behind your design as well… Looking forward to some amazing designs from you all!

Shaheen Afridi

Afridi shared a rough sketch as a prompt and said, “You can use this sketch to share your designs, so let’s go guys!”

While many of his diehard fans gave it their best shot, it was Shadab Khan (aka Shaddy) alone who managed to impress his teammate.

Shadab Khan

The all-rounder shared a sketch that made Afridi look like a superhero. Check it out:

He wrote, I thought I should also make one design for you and I thought this suits you more,” and added, “Ascent like a falcon, no?”

The design won Afridi’s heart, who praised his buddy for his creativity and remarked,

Wow, you became an artist, design is really good Shaddy and maybe it would suit me.

This isn’t the first time, these two have had fun gushing over their sweet bromance. Last month, the duo goofed around on Twitter and had everyone in fits with their banter.

We hope these two never change as this is the kind of camaraderie and brotherhood that keeps Pakistan’s cricket team united. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.


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