Shahid Afridi Biography ‘Game Changer’ To Hit Shelves This Month

The journey from Afridi to ‘Boom Boom Afridi’

Shahid Afridi biography Game Changer

Shahid Afridi’s biography is called Game Changer and its hitting shelves on April, 30th. That certainly is good news for fans and book readers alike.

The book has been penned by Wajahat Saeed Khan, a journalist.

Game Changer is a book about one of the most famous people in modern cricket history. Even after retirement, Shahid Khan Afridi remains one of the biggest brands in Pakistan. The cricketer-turned-philanthropist is regarded as one of the most charitable celebrities globally.

Afridi’s Game Changer

Shahid Afridi’s journey to stardom was not an easy one. Fans of the cricketer can find out how in Game Changer.

Afridi AKA Lala faced many struggles before he became cricket’s ‘Boom Boom Afridi’.


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About the Book

Game Changer covers all those ups and downs, punctuated with Afridi’s resilience and optimism throughout. The book also talks about Lala’s passion for sports and cricket. This includes the scandals and controversies that he had to face throughout his cricketing career.

This is the story of a sportsman who got the chance to play an International match at the age of 16.


Shahid Afridi is credited with quite a number of records in International Cricket. He has:

  • the largest number of “Man of the Match” awards in T-20 cricket;
  • the title of the most number of wickets taken in T-20 cricket;
  • most number of sixes in ODI cricket;
  • and more.


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Starting his cricketing career at the age of 16, and retiring 23 years later, Shahid Afridi is iconic.

Lala still dabbles in domestic cricket and the other cricket leagues.

He is also a philanthropist and runs an NGO Shahid Afridi Foundation. He’s an entrepreneur as well, with a clothing brand named Shahid Afridi.

About the Author

Game Changer has been penned by Wajahat Saeed Khan. Wajahat is an Emmy-award nominated Pakistani multimedia journalist, who has worked on and off-screen for major cable networks in Pakistan, as a producer and an anchorperson.

The journalist has reported for international networks as well. He has also done work for various local, regional and global publications.



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