Shahrukh Khan Orders Special Peshawari Chappals From His Pakistani Cousin For Eid!

His cousin in Peshawar has already bought a pair each for him and Aryan.

shahrukh khan in raees

Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan is planning to don his ‘Raees’ look this Eid, and it doesn’t look complete without those famous Peshawari chappals.

Given the tense ties between Pakistan and India these days, getting a pair of Peshawari chappals may have been a tough ask for King Khan. But, thanks to his cousin Noor Jehan in Peshawar, he might just get his wish.


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Shahrukh Khan And The Peshawar Connection

Shahrukh shares a special connection with Peshawar, as his forefathers hailed from the historic city and many of his maternal cousins still live on this side of the border.

Seizing the opportunity with both hands, SRK has requested Jehan to send him a pair of Peshawari chappal as an Eid gift.

Noor Jehan with cousin brother Shah Rukh Khan in India

Noor, who contested 2018’s general election independently from Peshawar, has gifted him a pair in the past as well.

Noor Jehan made this news public while talking to media on the weekend.


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“A few days ago Shahrukh Khan has made a special request for Peshawari chappal on this Eid. Not only for him but his son Aryan too.”

She said she has fulfilled SRK’s request and has bought a black pair for ‘Veer Zara’ actor and a brown one for his son.

Noor said she had sent the gift through a postal service. Let’s hope the authorities fulfill Shahrukh Khan’s wish.

Written by Raza Rizvi


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