Shaniera Calls Out Journalist Who Called Her As Wasim Akram’s Wife Repeatedly

Pakistani women have their own identity.

Shaniera Akram

Recently journalist and cultural critic Nadeem Farooq Paracha kept on referring to Shaniera Akram as ‘Wasim Akram’s wife’ at the Islamabad Literature Festival 2019. To which, someone from the crowd called him out, that she has a name and her own identity.

Now Pakistan’s favorite ‘Bhabi’ Shaniera Akram herself is calling out the journalist.

At the Islamabad Literature Festival 2019, Nadeem Farooq Paracha was speaking about one of Shaniera Akram and George Fulton’s ‘Urdu challenge‘ and forgot Shaniera’s name. The journalist was part of a panel discussion between Fasi Zaka, Ali Aftab Saeed, George Fulton and himself.


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When the audience called him out with:

“She has a name! Shaniera!”

Nadeem Farooq Paracha still didn’t learn and repeatedly referred to Shaniera as ‘Wasim Akram’s wife‘.

Now that the video clip of the whole ordeal is making rounds on the Internet, Shaniera Akram made light of the whole thing.

“Who is this amazing woman? #SheHasAName You go girl!”

Things didn’t stop there. Someone still made a snippy comment on how Shaniera isn’t a ‘celebrity’. Shaniera Akram also responded to this by schooling the Twitter user on the ethics of a literary platform.

“If you are talking about someone on stage at a literacy festival you should at least give them the dignity of a name. I am not a celebrity but I have earned my name, thank you very much.”

While Nadeem Farooq Paracha was fine being seated on a panel with a ‘Desi George’, that attitude towards a our own ‘Bhabi’ was rude.

Shaniera Says Pakistani Women Deserve Better

She explained that while she has no qualms with being our favourite Bhabi, Pakistani women are tired of this. They have their own identity and would like brown men to see that.


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Shaniera is right to say that she earned her platform on her own, and she’s more than just Wasim Akram’s wife.