Sonya Hussyn Slammed Over Her Comments on Schizophrenia

She’s also playing a schizophrenic in her upcoming drama.

sonya hussyn

While we’ve been big on acceptance towards mental illness such as anxiety and depression, many don’t know much about acute diseases like psychotic disorders, substance abuse, etc.

Hum TV thought it would be a great idea to create a drama serial ‘Saraab‘ about a schizophrenic patient. However, the lead character of the drama needs to do a lot more research into what goes into the mind of a mental patient.


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Saraab cast Sonya Hussyn as the central character opposite Sami Khan. However, if the purpose is really to spread awareness about schizophrenia, (and not make money off a subject as sensitive as mental health), the least they can do is get the research right.

It all started with Sonya Hussyn on a promotional poster for the drama. As you can see below, this poster presumably shows ‘symptoms’ of mental breakdown. The poster includes some inaccurately placed words like autism, IQ, etc.

Maybe this was a lazy attempt at sounding cool about mental health? People pointed out how a disability such as autism is not a mental illness.


People should’ve had also pointed out how IQ or intellectual quotient shouldn’t have been listed either. Mental illnesses are not learning disabilities.

Not only is Sonya Hussyn unaware of mental illnesses and how they differ from a disability, but she also stated that autism is a symptom of schizophrenia. Maybe she came to the conclusion based on symptoms such as anxiety they both tend to have. Or maybe this is about her not doing her research.


If Sonya Hussyn is to play a schizophrenic patient in Saraab, the least people want her to do is read up on the mental illness. People with autism can be misdiagnosed with mental illness due to exhibiting symptoms like anxiety and depression.

However, autism requires a completely different approach to treatment compared to therapy and medication required for mental illness.



When someone does not even know the difference between a disability and mental illness, they really shouldn’t be ‘educating others about mental illness‘.




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We have some incredible actors that really get into their roles like Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed, Imran Ashraf, etc. Yet we need to understand not all actors are built for their unique and versatile roles. We’ve never seen Sonya Hussyn essay such a role to date.

Even though the Main Hari Piya actress previously told Hum Spotlight;

“Challenging roles are a priority for me than glamorous ones.”

We hope she does better in the future.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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