Sushmita Sen to Play a Trans-activist in Upcoming Biopic Web-Series ‘Taali’

People online believe the role should be given to a trans actor.

The iconic beauty queen and Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen, is starring in an upcoming web series called Taali – Bajaungi Nahi, Bajwaungi, which is a biopic web series based on the life of Indian trans-activist Gauri Sawant.

The former Miss Universe took to her Instagram to reveal the upcoming project to her fans. She posted a picture of herself dressed for the role in red and green saree with a big maroon bindi on her forehead.

She wrote,

Nothing makes me prouder and more grateful than to have the privilege of portraying this beautiful person, of bringing her story to the world! Here’s to life and to everyone’s right to live it with dignity!

However, most people are not happy with Sushmita Sen for taking up such a role because Gauri Sawant is a transgender person while the actress is a cis-woman. People online argue that the role of Gauri should have been given to a trans-actor instead for proper representation of the community.

A netizen asked,

Why is a cis straight woman playing a trans character? What year is it, 1995? Get trans actors for trans roles.

Here are a few more online reactions.


About Gauri Sawant

Gauri Sawant is a famous transgender activist from Mumbai, India. The upcoming web series is about her childhood, her transition, and her contribution to revolutionizing the transgender movement in India.

sushmita sen
Indian trans-activist Gauri Sawant

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