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Swara Bhaskar Loves How Remarkably Funny Pakistanis Are After World Cup Loss

She believes Pakistanis won hearts even though India won the match.


India might have won the cricket game against Pakistan on Sunday but Pakistanis definitely won on social media. This is because Pakistani Twitter’s humor is a class apart from India’s and this fact has been acknowledged by none other than Indian actress Swara Bhaskar.

Swara was so entertained by Pakistani Twitter that she declared Pakistanis as the winner of Indians’ hearts.

In a tweet posted on her official twitter handle Swara said

β€œYou (Pakistan) lost the match but you won twitter and you have won the hearts of Indians today.”


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Swara Bhaskar is All Praise

The praise continued to flow:

The Veere Di Wedding star also termed Pakistanis way of trolling better than Indians as it is purely based on β€œImagination + humor” unlike Indians who just indulge in crass β€œGaali galoch” (expletives).

Well, It was not just us who were entertained by Momin Saqib’s hilarious reaction following the defeat against India but Swara Bhaskar also loved it.


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Really Poor Reactions From Indian Fans

As Swara pointed out in her tweet, Indians’ poor reactions and lack of humor actually proved her right as she was criticized by her fellow countrymen for her light-hearted comments.

Its no surprise then that most of these trolls are now telling her to shift to Pakistan if she likes them so much.

One such troll was shut by her who she asked them to learn something from Pakistan.

Really India, learn to take a some light-hearted humor for what it is. Swara Bhaskar has the right idea here. As for us Pakistanis, we will be getting over our loss with a ton of Muhammad Akhtar and Momin Saqib memes.


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Written by Arslan Khattak


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