Tanaa Banaa In Review: Why Doesn’t Zoya Care For Poor Zain?

Even halfway down the series, Zain has not been able to impress Zoya

We are left with just the last 9 or 10 episodes of Ramazan special Taana Baana but even now poor Zain has not impressed Ms. Zoya. In the latest episode, we see that Zoya has finally won over her frustrated mother-in-law, the two get into a heartwarming conversation and share some cute moments. Apparently, the heroine has made everyone happy at her new home except her very own husband.


Why Is Alize Shah’s Character in ‘Taana Baana’ Frustrating People?

Is there any logical justification for Zoya’s behavior?

As we all know, Zain recently lost his job. In normal circumstances, people are under an immense financial crunch when they lose a job but here the situation is a complete opposite. Instead of saving money, Zoya demands a whopping Rs 15 Lakh from her husband and sends her in-laws to Umrah.

Zain was quite heartbroken since he was expecting that his wife would plan a honeymoon for the both of them. He was utterly disappointed when he found out that this was not the case.

Shahid Phupha knows about the contract

On the other hand, Shahid phupha has found out that Zain had signed a contract before marriage. As expected he lauded Zoya for her intelligence and confessed to Zain that he had done a great job.

Now that the in-laws front is clear, we wonder if the leading lady will finally show some love towards her poor husband! We have hardly seen a man as patient as Zain, we just hope he gets rewarded for his patience too!

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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  1. This drama just goes to show how gyno-centric the Pakistani society is. Patriarchy is a myth perpetuated just for the sake of obtaining favors for one particular gender.

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