The Real Story Behind that Giraffe Inside a House in Karachi [Video]

Hope the authorities are taking action.

Giraffe DHA

As Karachi gets lashed with heavy monsoon rains, many of us can’t help but catalog what’s going on in our beloved city. And record they did. Someone’s random cruise turned into a scene straight from Jumanji as they spotted 2 giraffes inside a house in DHA Karachi!

Is this surprising? We know that even dogs and cats don’t get the care they deserve in this mismanaged metropolis. But a giraffe? That actually made people stand up and go whoa!

People in Karachi show signs of class-consciousness as a giraffe is spotted in a residential area of the city.

The house where they found this giraffe was reported under inspection last year. When pictures of the giraffes went viral, there was no outcome whatsoever. We hope that things are hopefully different this time around and that the authorities take care of these animals.

People were outraged to see this wild animal being kept as a pet. But this isn’t new. We’ve also seen lions on a cruise in Lahore, DHA.



Not only is domesticating wild animals like giraffes wrong but it also raises the question of who takes care of them. We doubt the caretakers hired for these ‘pets‘ have the prerequisite qualifications or understanding in animal behavior and welfare.



According to reports, Sindh Wildlife paid a visit to the house in DHA phase 6.



While this might be the weirdest thing Karachi has seen in 2020, it isn’t the only weird thing happening around this town.



We hope that Sindh Wildlife Authority takes immediate action and rescues the giraffes confined in the house when they should be out in the wild.

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