This Man from Peshawar is Making His Hollywood Action Movie Debut Next Year

‘The Cure’ will be released in 2020.

mashood alam with parkor world champ Pavels Petkuns

When fate strikes, it hits the bull’s eye! The saying goes well with a Peshawar resident Mashood Alam who is all set to feature in a Hollywood venture.

A local news channel has reported that Alam has been picked by Hollywood director Ahmet Atalay for his short film.

Here’s a short teaser for the film:


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About Mashood Alam

Hailing from the Khattak tribe, Alam has special training in gymnastic and aerobatics. He will be taking his parkour skills to the extreme in the action-thriller ‘The Cure.’

Alam is playing the lead role in the film which will be released next year.

Speaking about the plot, Mashood Alam said that he’s going to be racing against time to stop a life-threatening virus from spreading across the world.

Mashood is actually a pretty accomplished practitioner of parkor freerunning. Here is him doing some death-defying stunts:


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Mashood Alam does have the drive to become an action movie star. Here’s to hoping that this short film leads to him receiving bigger roles in Hollywood.