This Pizza Brand Dreams of World Peace with Its Newest Flavors [Pictures]

‘Peace is the one cosmic ingredient, that makes everything better’.


It’s World Peace Day today and what better way to celebrate it then with a brand with purpose. Pizza 4P’s is making an effort to spread the message of peace and prosperity through their newly launched pizza flavors.

Pizza 4P’s actually means ‘pizza for peace’ but with a clever pun. It is a Vietnam-based Japanese Italian pizza restaurant and like its interesting name, the mission is also very unique.

“An Earth to People restaurant on a mission to make the world smile for peace, one pizza at a time.”


Pizza for Peace

‘One pizza at a time’, the Vietnamese pizzeria is hoping to end war and spread peace and happiness across the world.

Pizza 4P’s has just launched it’s three new flavors, combining the goodness of both the worlds. The Peace Day Pizza range includes Israel & Palestine, the China and USA and the India and Pakistan pizza.

Each of the flavors takes the staple dishes from these countries, puts them on bread with some spices and cheese and celebrates the taste of peace. I mean, isn’t Palak Paneer and Chapli Kebab a lovely combination?

The nutty and creamy flavor of Palak Paneer can neutralize Chapli Kebab’s spicy kick and if that doesn’t sound like a harmonious and peaceful relationship, I don’t know what does.



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The pizzeria also made a Mural for Peace, which is an ‘opportunity for us all to come together’.

“To illustrate these dishes, we have created Mural for Peace, a series of stencil artworks created with the actual spices found in each of the Peace Pizzas, showing that if ingredients can live together on a pizza, so can we on the planet,” reads the caption.



Twitter Reacts

Netizens are taking it to the micro-blogging site to share this initiative and yet again, it has started a debate. While some people (including me) are appreciating the perfect combination of meat, vegetables and cheese, most are angry at the pizzeria for ruining both the Indian and Pakistani staple foods.

It’s like aalu wali biryani vs anti aalus. According to one Twitterati, both India and Pakistan will go to war against the brand for introducing this flavor. But that will unite both the nations, so their mission is accomplished.



We hope one day we will all be able to share a piece of these peace pizzas and celebrate happiness with everyone. Here’s to World Peace Day and Kudos to the pizzeria for spreading positivity in whatever way they can!



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