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This Poor Bear Cub Highlights How Badly Islamabad Zoo Treats Its Animals [Video]

What a shocking state of neglect at the zoo in Islamabad.


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

These words, spoken by Mahatma Gandhi many years ago, are worth recalling. Its all the more relevant once we sit down and really think about how brutalized and neglected we have let the animals be. Pakistanis have lost their sense of empathy and that’s not a good look by any means. Take the example of the Islamabad zoo and its inhabitants.

A viral video has captured the cruel conditions and shocking indifference that animals at the zoo in the federal capital have to face day in and out. Just take a look at this poor bear cub, who seems to have been left for dead:


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The Islamabad Zoo Needs to Be Closed Down

A zoo is a place where animals are taken care of. But Islamabad Zoo doesn’t fit that description going by the viral video. It could be more in line as a zoo of horrors.

We wonder how many animals are suffering in hot enclosures, without any care like this bear cub is. It is safe to assume this cub is not alone in this heart-wrenching situation.

Who Is Responsible for These Poor Animals?

Turns out, thats exactly the case. CEO of HWO Animal Rescue, Sunil Jamil, personally inspected the zoo and found it in a state of utter neglect.

Apparently, the Islamabad Zoo was previously with IMC. However, things were not ok with them and the Islamabad High Court ruled that the Ministry of Climate Change should take control of the zoo.

Minister Zartaj Gul, who is in charge of the Climate Change ministry, has also not helped matters it seems. These zoos remain in a state of neglect, with no one taking care of the animals and their surroundings.

Zartaj Gul, Minister for Climate Change


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We will let these tweets do the talking:

This was Kaavan the elephant who was kept in confined quarters. Just look at how frustrated and helpless it seems:

Apparently people were not too pleased about this. Public pressure prompted the zoo authorities, if only momentarily, to do something about Kaavan.

Is anyone at the Climate Change ministry listening? In the prior weeks, some animals at the Islamabad Zoo have reportedly perished. If the authorities are not interested in keeping these animals, the best thing they could do is release them in their natural habitat.

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