Monkey Business: Salman Khan Gets Trolled By A Chimp [Video]

Ok we did not see this coming.

Salman Khan and chimp

Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan is currently in the news for his recently released mega-hit film Bharat. When he’s not busy boasting of his success, he tends to do normal things like sharing hilarious videos with his fans.

He recently shared a cute little video on his Instagram and its no surprise that the video has gone viral with 4.3 million views to date, with over 11,000 comments no less.


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Salman Khan Is Up to No Good

In the video, Salman is seen offering his water bottle to a monkey who is busy eating a banana. When a famous Bollywood star tends to fret over you, you take notice.

But not this monkey. No sir. This lovable chimp basically says ‘thanks but no thanks, I don’t accept my drinks from a water bottle.’

Faced with the monkey’s cold gesture, Salman decides to change tack. He then offers the ape some water in a glass, just like you could to someone who is deserving of some respect. And guess what? The regal monkey actually accepts the water this time!


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The Video

Salman captioned his post:

Hamara bajrangi bhaijaan plastic ki bottle se paani nahi peeta . .


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Its not everyday that you show Salman Khan whose the boss.

The monkey’s reactions have certainly gone viral. Perhaps Salman is going to cast him in a new movie, complete with a paycheck with a lot of zeros in it. This monkey does prefer to be treated like a royal after all.

But hey, never say never, as Salman Khan is known for featuring social media sensations in his movies however he can.


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