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This Short Film About Fake Ads Is Actually About Love [Video]

Making fake ads so much fun!

fake ads

Fake ads can be hilarious. There are dedicated YouTube channels for fake ads, that double up as a short form of entertainment. Even fake ads on Saturday Night Live are considered a great part of their shows.

However, most of these fake ads tend to ridicule original ads. Some of these ads also contain a social message. But what if there was a way to use these fake ads, to tell a beautiful story about one of life’s biggest mysteries – love.

A Story Told Through Fake Ads

Commercial directing and producing team Ben and Adam Callner went a step further and told a whole story through fake ads. The film is even titled ‘Adman‘.

Its worth watching:

Its like a film that has been cut down into chapters. We’ve seen this with Me, Earl and the Dyin GirlThe House that Jack Built even went as far as add a title card with each phase.

The Adman video uses cuts with the end of each ad. The end result is actually very interesting because even though we’re watching an ad compilation, we’re actually been treated to an honest-to-god story in the process.


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The actual ads themselves are nothing new. They feature footage from a lot of brands, like Verizon for example.

That does push the odds in their favor. You can help but be overwhelmed with a feeling of Deja vu, just like Penny in The Big Bang Theory whose married to Leonard. Oh and it still does its job as an ad – there’s still that standard emotional appeal there to sell ideas, products, and everything else to viewers.



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How seamlessly and coordinated it seems is worth mentioning.

“The command the Callners have over the visual language, cadence, tonal humor, and overall vibe of various prime-time ads.”

Have you seen other ads like this? Let us know in the comments below.

via FastCompany

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